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Peppa Pig brings birthday smiles
26 Feb 2016
by Rhea Alton

By Rebecca Dutton
We’ve been singing the theme tune to Peppa Pig ever since we got home!
My little boy, who turned four today (Thurs) and I had a fantastic time at Peppa Pig’s Surprise at Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn.
I nearly cried watching his face as he sat spell bound by what was happening on stage.
He joined in all the songs and actions from beginning to end, shouting out as loudly as he could when the first scene started with hide ‘n’ seek with Peppa, George and their friends and dancing his heart out at the show’s finale.
We saw Peppa Pig’s Big Splash when Lewis was two-years-old and now the production team has come up with a new show – which is just as enthralling for pre-
The story revolves around Peppa and George playing outside with their friends.
Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig have got a surprise for them …but they can’t guess what.
It’s very exciting for everyone when they find out it’s a trip to the seaside.
There’s an ‘Eye-Spy’ scene that the audience can play too, the car breaks down, they make sandcastles and then there’s a dance party with Mr Potato.
Apologies to anyone sitting near us who would have heard Lewis cry out ‘But Mr Potato is too fat. He doesn’t do any exercise!’
Emma Grace Arends, who plays Daisy, Peppa’s human friend, pulls the show along. She was fantastic and full of energy.
This time too the show uses actors dressed in costumes for Mummy and Daddy Pig, instead of the previous puppets, which works brilliantly.
The other characters are still held by puppeteers dressed in black but you hardly notice them as you watch the show. It is done very cleverly and discreetly.
One of the best scenes was bathtime, where Daisy blew giant bubbles into the audience- I was just glad we weren’t sitting in the front row!
The show is great fun with loads of songs and chances to join in – and that’s what makes it work. The producers have done an amazing job at putting on a truly
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