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On the move with Wrekin Removals
01 Jan 2014
by Rebecca Dutton
Terry from Wrekin Removals

Terry from Wrekin Removals

By Rhea Alton

I’m no stranger to moving, in fact in the last three years my husband and I have lived in four houses. We moved from a two-bed terrace to a three-bed house in the country, then packed the home into storage and moved in with family for a few months, unpacked into a three-bed semi in a village near Shrewsbury and now we are on the move again.

Being so used to moving house and because we are only heading to a house on the other side of the village we fully planned to follow the same route as we had done previously and move ourselves with a little help from family and friends.

But after speaking to a friend who used Wrekin Removals (and who pointed out that this time I was five months pregnant with an energetic two year old in tow) we decided to make it a little easier on ourselves and give them a ring.

I always thought removal companies would charge extortionate amounts of money to move all of your belongings from one place to the other but after getting a quote we found it would cost less than £600 to have Wrekin Removals not only move everything for us but to pack up the whole house as well!!!

We were in. And little did we know that when the time came that decision would be one of the best we have ever made.

It was the day before we were to welcome our friendly chaps in to pack up our house and the plan was to tidy up, clear out the rubbish so it didn’t come with us, sort the dreaded garage out and relax with a cuppa before an early night.

The reality was a trip to hospital with a poorly two-year-old which resulted in a full day in paediatrics followed by the news he (and I) would be experiencing a night on the children’s ward and my husband would be heading home alone.

Terry and John arrived the following morning to discover our predicament and wave goodbye to my husband as he headed back to the hospital and say hello to Norman – the barking, growling, ageing collie cross…….

Four hours later we all arrived home tired, stressed and feeling guilty at leaving poor Terry and John to pack up not the tidiest of homes. But we had no reason to worry – while we were gone they had packed us up, the house was all in order, Norman was alive and well (as were Terry and John) and we had been left with all the essentials to keep us going over the weekend until they returned on Monday for moving day.

We finally got our cuppa and early night and were able to spend time with the troublesome toddler – amid house cleaning – over the weekend.

The actual moving day proved as stress-free as moving day could be and we were able to entertain the – now much better and more energetic than ever – two year old while the van was unpacked.

The whole process was great. We don’t plan on moving for a fifth time in four years but if we do, we certainly won’t be doing it ourselves!

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