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Oiled, wrapped and cooked = inches lost!
10 Oct 2012
by Kirsty Smallman

Today I took an hour out of my day to be lathered in oil and wrapped in “cling film” before lying on a heated bed and covered in a warm duvet. Relaxing music on, lights dimmed and sleep. Perfect lunch hour – much better than an hour of hard-core exercise in the gym.

Intrigued? Well that hour was spent having a Shrinking Violet body wrap with Denise McGowan who runs her beauty treatment training company Evanji in Market Drayton.

I was a “body wrap” virgin but the prospect of losing a few inches in just an hour was an obvious appeal. The natural oil made up of grapeseed oil, juniper oil and berry, lavender, lyprex oil and phosphatidylchorine (from soya beans) was applied all over my body before Denise wrapped me tight in plastic wrap and left me on the heated bed and under a duvet to sweat.

Denise is one of a handful of people trained in the Shrinking Violet wrap technique – an effortless, painless process which removes fat from problem areas – and I think we can all name a few of those!

Some say they were reduced by a dress size in a single treatment so what happened to me? Someone with a healthy BMI but with some problem areas which I’ve been working on in the gym for endless hours!

I enjoyed the snooze and the warmth of the heated bed and the feeling of the tightening of my stomach as the wrap got to work. But the proof is in the pudding isn’t it? (And too many puddings is the reason I’m being wrapped!)

Well I became three inches smaller within an hour with a reduction in my hips, both thighs, knees and arms. It is recommended that you have a series of wraps and then one or two a year to maintain your new figure.

So what’s different to a traditional wrap? The Shrinking Violet body wrap works by lipolysis and holds the water in rather than getting rid of it and breaks down the unwanted fat cells. The process involves triglycerides changing to free fatty acid so they can be excreted in tissue fluid and transported to the lymph vessels.

Did I feel the difference? Yes! My stomach and hips felt much tighter and if I continue eating healthy and drinking plenty of water there’s no reason for the inches to return. In fact Denise has told me to keep a tape measure to hand as over the next two to three days my body measurements should reduce even further.

It was certainly an experience I enjoyed and a treatment I will return to when I need to get into that little black dress at Christmas or for the bikini body for the summer holidays. A little pampering in the middle of the day in the middle of the week – who’d say no?

To find out what other treatments Denise offers visit www.evanji.co.uk.