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J&PR's October Highlights!
29 Oct 2021
by Team J&PR

As we edge closer towards the end of 2021, Team J&PR has been busy with virtual client calls, face to face meetings, new client meetings, trips abroad and family celebrations!

Here’s what we have been up to this month and our highlights from October...

Kirsty celebrated her 40th birthday surrounded by plenty of love from her amazing family and friends. She says that she’s still recovering from the partying! Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to celebrate? And a week in Lanzarote was the perfect way to mark the year of her big birthday and her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary too!

Kirsty’s professional highlight this month was winning a number of new clients after being approached by a design agency to collaborate with them. We can’t wait to continue our work with them!

Rhea’s personal highlight was a recent visit to the Yorkshire Dales with her family and we have to say, it looked pretty incredible!

Meanwhile, Rhea’s professional highlight this month was returning to her journalism roots with a number of press releases this month.

Freya had her first holiday in over two-years and, despite the confusion and stress at the airport caused by current travel regulations, she had a fantastic time. 

Most of her time was spent eating fresh clams, reading books and sitting on the beach with a cold drink in her hand. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?! We’re not jealous at all...

Her professional highlight this month was working together with Sophie on a number of clients. She says they work so well together and she can’t wait to get back to the office! They’ve come up with some pretty cool ideas for clients' social media and digital communications together and she can’t wait to see what else they end up doing in the future.

Similarly to Freya, Sophie’s professional highlight was working closely with Freya. Do we sense an office partnership going on here? Sophie says that the duo have really clicked whilst working together and she believes that the partnership has had a positive impact on their work.

Her personal highlight this month was going to the christening of her best friend’s son - an event that was supposed to happen over a year ago! Sophie says he’s already a bright, sociable and cheeky child and she’s so proud of her best friend for being an amazing mother.

A big professional highlight for Dani this month was talking to people in Barcelona and Japan for client Jesmonite. She found it really interesting to learn about the different ways that people are using - and selling! - the product. She’s now eager to arrange a business trip to Barcelona to get her hands moulded in the Jesmonite Shop. Count us in Dani!

Dani’s personal highlight was continuing to catch up with people. Over the last four weeks she’s visited friends who’ve moved away over the summer and hosted her in-laws for a weekend. She’s decided that she won’t be taking those things for granted anymore as she’s really appreciated being able to enjoy some time with friends and family.

Tony was celebrating earlier this month with a joint family celebration at The Woodberry, with his granddaughter Mia turning 12 the day before their 42nd wedding anniversary - what a wonderful combination of celebrations! 

Congratulations Tony and Happy Birthday Mia!

At work, Tony’s highlight has been learning all about The Movement Centre’s recent investment to help the team with the amazing therapy they are providing for children with movement disabilities. 

It’s been a particularly busy month for Si with a lot of behind-the-scenes media work for our clients. He, like the rest of Team J&PR, enjoys working to secure the best possible coverage and, therefore, the best outcome.

With Si and Rhea both being Beaver Scout leaders, Si’s personal highlight this month has been seeing the new Beaver Scouts settling into their group. He’s thoroughly enjoyed the many activities that have been put on to welcome new Beavers. 

Becci has been enjoying some quality time with her family this month with a lovely couple of days spent walking and rainbow spotting in Bala. All of us at J&PR really appreciate the time we spend with our families.

Becci’s work highlight for the month was arranging various radio interviews for clients. She’s loved hearing some fabulous stories getting the airtime that they deserve!

October has definitely been an exciting month for everyone at J&PR and we can’t wait to get stuck into the fun that we have planned for the final couple of months of 2021 - including our Christmas party! Make sure you watch this space to see how we get festive...