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J&PR's November highlights
26 Nov 2021
by Team J&PR

It’s been yet another busy month at J&PR, starting with a move to our lovely new office

We’ve had birthdays, meetings, events, day trips and more… here are our highlights from November!

It’s been all change for the Smallmans this month, as Kirsty saw her husband step away from the industry he has spent his entire working life in and start a new job.

It’s not just any new job, either, it’s at the brilliant Jesmonite! At J&PR, we know the Jesmonite team very well and know that John will be brilliant there - we wish him the best of luck.

Naturally, Kirsty’s professional highlight has been seeing our new office being transformed into the new home of J&PR, and hearing the staff chatting and enjoying office life after such a long time. Long may it continue!

Simon has got two clients on the front page of the same newspaper this month - how amazing?! It’s always satisfying to secure great coverage for our clients. Well done to Si!

Si’s personal highlight is work-related, but we’ll let him off as we know how much a good work-life can impact every aspect of your life. Of course, his highlight is moving back into the office. Si said that it has been great to work with people again and share ideas with one another.

It may have been her birthday this month, but Sophie’s personal highlight was visiting Cardiff to see her best friend for the first time since July 2020! 

Her best friend’s year abroad, as part of her Spanish degree, was meant to be Sophie’s perfect excuse to go to Spain at any given opportunity, but Covid put a stop to that. 

Needless to say, the trip to Cardiff at the start of this month was emotional!

She also enjoyed a weekend in Manchester for her birthday with her boyfriend... she supposes that was quite good, too. 

Moving into our new office has been Sophie’s professional highlight of November (and perhaps the entire year!)... are you noticing a theme yet? 

It has been fantastic for her to work with the team in person, and she’s very much enjoying sharing an office with Freya - the two have been bouncing ideas off each other non-stop!

It’s been a month of birthdays, with Rhea finally being able to celebrate her mum’s 65th with a surprise party - just a year late! 

With that said, the celebration was able to be combined with a party for Rhea’s dad’s retirement, and it was a lovely afternoon for all.

Moving into the office has been Rhea’s professional highlight this month, but not for the reason you may think… she was finally able to be reunited with her beloved files after being torn from them 18 months ago! 

Anyone who knows Rhea knows that she’s happiest surrounded by files and paperwork - although she did manage to create some pretty amazing piles at home…

Similar to everyone else at Team J&PR, the move to our new office was Freya’s professional highlight this month. It is her first ‘proper’ J&PR office, as Freya began working with us remotely, and she is loving it already - especially the blue walls!

Freya has also loved writing a case study for our client, The Movement Centre, this month. She spoke to the mum of a child who uses The Movement Centre’s services and found it incredible, saying “the way she spoke about him was so heartfelt and he sounds like an incredible person”.

Freya’s personal highlight was enjoying a tapas cookery course at Brompton Cookery School with her mum, which was originally a 21st birthday present from her brothers in May 2020! 

The pandemic has meant that Freya and her mum have only just been able to attend the class but it was worth the wait. The pair made patatas bravas, a delicious tortilla, and croquettes!

Speaking of brothers, Freya’s eldest brother also graduated with a dentistry degree from Newcastle University this month - how brilliant! We bet there were pearly-white smiles all round… sorry, we couldn’t resist.

Tony’s work highlight was….you guessed it, heading back to the office this month. We told you there would be a common theme!

The month of birthdays continues, too, as Tony and his family headed out earlier this month to celebrate his daughter's birthday in Bridgnorth. 

Becci’s professional highlight was also coming back to the office. She said it wasn’t something she thought she’d missed, considering she worked remotely before Covid (in another country, in fact!), but Becci has loved being around people and having that social interaction again. 

She has been great at offering to make cups of tea, but says no one seems to require them as much as she does!

Becci took her children to watch two firework displays, which were both incredible, this month. She hasn’t celebrated November 5th for six years due to living abroad!

It’s a celebration Becci has always loved and she said it was fabulous to reintroduce it to her children, one of whom was just three when he last saw a firework display while her other son had never seen one before!

We’ve got a full-house highlight this month, with Dani also saying that being back in the office was her favourite thing about November! What’s more, we returned in time for her to celebrate her 8 year anniversary at J&PR!

Like the rest of us, Dani has loved being back around the team, having a cup of tea and bouncing ideas off each other, and she’s really loved the atmosphere and beautiful setting of our new Wellington office too!

Dani’s personal highlight this month was seeing her nan’s pride at seeing herself in the newspaper for her climbing… Dani’s nan, not Dani - how amazing!

She had such a great reaction and was thankful to have the publicity; Dani thinks she liked it more than the actual climbing! Dani says her nan is amazing and she’s so pleased that plenty more people know that now. 

You can read all about it here and here.

WOW - what a fantastic month for Team J&PR! December is looking fantastically festive and we can’t wait to see what the new month brings!