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‘No pressure prom’ launched at Shropshire hotel
15 May 2019
by Rebecca Dutton

Ollie Edwards and Shannon Carter both 18 get ready for the “no pressure prom” at The Best Western Valley Hotel in Ironbridge.

An alternative approach to the school leavers’ prom has been launched at a Shropshire hotel to give youngsters and their parents a break from the “pressure”.

Staff at the Best Western Valley Hotel in Ironbridge have created a range of packages that will ensure anyone and everyone can attend a prom – without the pressure of buying the perfect dress, or spending large sums of money on a tuxedo.

Organisers behind the ‘No Pressure Prom’ concept said they had heard from many parents that the expectations to dress the part put many off attending. A range of options will be available including a dress down approach, less formal buffet style dining, and various entertainment choices. But those who wish to don a formal gown or tuxedo can still do so.

Lisa Snape, marketing and sales manager for the hotel, said staff just wanted to give everyone the opportunity to mark the end of their schooling without any of the stress.

“Some groups attending the celebration may want to still buy that perfect prom dress or wear that tuxedo but other friendship groups may decide to wear jeans and a t-shirt or whatever they feel comfortable in and is their preferred style,” she said.

“Youngsters are under so much pressure these days – whether that be influenced through social media or not. The end of exams after such hard work should be celebrated by all and we think this package gives that perfect offer.

“Parents have told us that they have had to tell their son or daughter that they cannot go to the prom because they simply cannot afford everything which is expected to go with it. We think this is really sad. For others it may simply be the case that they don’t want to wear the traditional prom outfits, arrive in a limo and pay hundreds of pounds for hair and makeup.

“Those who book the ‘no pressure’ package will be able to make it very clear to attendees that there isn’t a dress code at all. It is simply a safe place for young people to meet, celebrate, dance, enjoy food together and have fun. Every person will simply be able to be themselves.

“Others may wish to book the traditional prom with the prom dress code stated and that is also available but the ‘no pressure’ option means everyone is included regardless of fashion and finances,” she added.

Food options will include either a sit down three-course meal or a buffet depending on what the person booking the event wants. The packages will also include the options for tribute acts as entertainment, photo booths and sweet carts.

For more information call The Valley Hotel on 01952 432247 or visit http://www.thevalleyhotel.co.uk/social-functions/prom-packages