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12 Aug 2016
by Rhea Alton

The launch of a new not-for-profit buying consortium will give dental practices across the UK the chance to access cost-effective supplies and services – saving them time and money.

Shrewsbury based Caradoc Dental Services (CDS) will see standalone dental practices and small dental groups working with key UK dental suppliers to assist in productivity and save on costs.

Jacqui Goss, of Caradoc Dental Services, has been in dentistry since 1999 and was business manager in a highly successful dental practice for nine years, during which time it went from a £370,000 turnover as an NHS practice to a £2.2million turnover as a private practice and specialist referral centre.

She said: “I have a good understanding of the business of dentistry and I know the stand-alone dental practices cannot access competitive buying terms because they do not order in bulk.

“They spend hours checking prices and trying to get the best deals for themselves, which is not a productive way for them to spend their time.

“Caradoc Dental Services gives them access to the deals big corporates can get access to – and it lays them out, along with other services that they may not be able to access as a stand-alone practice, clearly without having to spend time hunting for them.

“These enhanced discounts and services will help the small guys compete with the big corporates, and I think it will be extremely successful, for NHS, private and mixed practices alike.

“There are already other dental buying groups out there but they are run for profit – this is a not for profit organisation, where commission is on average one per cent, to ensure the best prices for our members, with any surplus being reinvested back into the NHS.”

Caradoc Dental Services brings a market to suppliers that they would have not previously targeted as individuals, many of whom have wanted to work with smaller practices but have been unable to due to small orders.

“We want this to work for our approved suppliers too,” added Jacqui. “This is to be a win-win for both our members and approved suppliers and Caradoc Dental Services opens this up to create that synergistic relationship.”

Caradoc Dental Services is a sister company to Shropshire based Caradoc Medical Services, which was set up in 2009 to maximise the buying power of GP surgeries.

Seven years on the Caradoc Medical Services consortium represents over 25,000 members including GP surgeries, care homes, osteopaths, massage therapists, veterinary practices and other small businesses.

As well as the growing membership Caradoc also has a growing list of suppliers, with an annual turnover of approximately £25 million.

Peter Masters, of Caradoc Medical Services, said: “To take this hugely successful consortium and use its structure to launch a new consortium focusing on dental suppliers was an obvious move.

“I look forward to seeing the feedback from both members and suppliers of Caradoc Dental Services.”

For more information visit www.caradocdentalservices.co.uk or contact info@caradocdentalservices.co.uk

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