What's happening?

We've got a new office!
05 Nov 2021

J&PR has left the building… and moved into another one! 

We’re over the moon to announce that Team J&PR has moved into a new office and can now be found on the first floor of the former Natwest Bank on Church Street in Wellington.

Where to find us...

We’re on the first floor of the beautiful old Natwest building by All Saints Church in Wellington; it just so happens one of J&PR’s first clients back in 2012 (and now our landlord too!) can be found on the ground floor - the brilliant Chartered Independent.

We can’t believe we packed up our bags to work from home “for a few weeks” 19 months ago and the rest is history! 

The office we were so desperate to get back to - The Glebe in Wellington - was put up for sale and the search for a new home began.

Emptying the office was emotional as it was the home of J&PR’s first office - a small one for a small team and then the team grew and a move across the corridor, to accommodate the full team, was made. A training room was later added in too!

So after 18 months of working at our kitchen tables or in our home offices and maybe some days even from the sofa in our pjs - we are back in Wellington. 

We love being part of a community where staff can enjoy breaks outside of the office and go out for lunch, so staying in town was important to us. We also sponsor two seats in The Orbit cinema so a staff outing may be booked soon!

Hybrid working - nothing new here!

Flexible and remote working has always been available to our team, so hybrid working wasn’t something new for Team J&PR when the pandemic hit - although full-time home working was not the preferred choice, as we love working together too much!

Kirsty and Rhea asked the staff what they wanted moving forward out of the pandemic and it was 100% a YES to having an office!

We still offer flexible working so our team members can work remotely should they wish, or even only come into the office a few days a week. They also now have access to the J&PR office 24/7 for the first time ever - for whoever would be crazy enough to want to start work at 7am!

An exciting move

Our new office is the perfect place for Team J&PR to work, provide training and for clients to pay us a visit. The entire team has fallen in love with it already. Who wouldn't with this view?

J&PR office Wellington view

We have moved from an open plan office to separate offices but the doors will be open and we have our new training and mentoring room where our clients may choose to visit or maybe they prefer the virtual world and they will be on the big screen instead! For larger meetings and training sessions we have access to a full boardroom too.

We now have plenty of space to enjoy a techtimeout away from our screens and share lunch breaks and coffee breaks with each other - there’s plenty of opportunity for lunch deliveries in Wellington.

The wonderful team members at Chrisbeon have been amazing throughout our move, and now the office is looking amazing! A big thank you from us for all of their hard work.

It’s so exciting for us to be working under the same roof again and we can’t wait for all of the brainstorming sessions, training and client meetings that will take place here… not to mention the lunches from The Walnut and a trip to the new food court at Wellington Market too!

Right, whose turn is it to do the lunch run?

Pop and see us if you are passing - you will spot the sign directing you to our bright blue door! 

J&PR office Telford