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New manager at helm of newly-launched electric vehicle insurer
23 Nov 2016
by Simon Alton

A Shropshire-based company that has decided to branch out and specialise in electric vehicle insurance is keeping business in the family after announcing the appointment of a new business development manager.

Daniel West, the son of Nigel and Lisa West, owners of Fiveways Insurance Consultants Ltd in Newport, has taken on the role of business development for the firm’s new electric vehicle scheme.

Daniel, who had until recently been planning on a career in airline management after working with British Airways, has returned to Shropshire from London to take up the new role.

Nigel West said: “I’m absolutely delighted that Daniel has decided to come and join the family business and thrilled to announce him as the new face of Greenways.

“I’ve always been keen for Daniel to find his own path in life and until recently he was set on a career in airline management and has been successfully studying hard for his business management degree.

“But when he found out that we were launching Greenways he approached me to see if there would be any opportunities for him to help develop that.

“I was a bit surprised at first but I could tell he was serious. Like me, Daniel has always had a passion for cars and knows an awful lot about them, so this role is perfect for him.

“He is very business minded and has an extremely professional attitude so I know he will do well developing the business.”

Greenways has just been launched to offer owners of electric/hybrid vehicles specialist car insurance.

The company – which has a website at www.greenwaysinsurance.co.uk – is one of just a handful in the UK to offer bespoke insurance policies for electric cars and is the first in Shropshire to become a specialist provider of electric car insurance.

It follows a significant rise in the popularity of electric/plug-in vehicles in recent years with more than 50,000 vehicles now on the roads compared to just 3,500 in 2013.

Daniel West said: “It’s a bold move to return to Shropshire and join a new venture but I firmly believe that electric cars are going to be the next big thing and this is a fantastic opportunity.

“It’s taken a while for them to take off but I think in the coming years as people change their attitude towards greener motoring they will become the primary choice for motorists.

“There are some electric vehicles on the market that will match the performance of a supercar, with the economy of a super-mini.

“As technology continues to improve and evolve, this will only get better leading the way for more Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles on the road.”

For more information about electric vehicles, visit www.greenwaysinsurance.co.uk or call 01952 822919.

Daniel West

Daniel West