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New branding 10 years on!
05 Jun 2019
by Kirsty Smallman

In 2009 Journalism and PR was launched. A one-man band working with small businesses in Shrewsbury, creating press releases for local media and liaising with press at county events.

Fast forward 10 years and that business model has changed just a little – and as a result 2019 sees the change of the company’s entire brand!


Now an award-winning full-service PR agency we cover a wide range of industries, working in both content marketing and digital communications, producing targeted content for print and digital, from press releases to blogs, LinkedIn Articles, website copywriting and social media management, advertising and training. And if there’s an event to manage we are there – you will see us getting our steps in as press officers at various agricultural shows, festivals and events. We are currently three down with two more to go!

We were one of the first PR agencies in the Midlands to combine print and digital in order to run full campaigns on a range of social platforms for small businesses in their entirety and alongside in-house marketing and digital teams for medium to large enterprises.

The Journey

One became two in 2012 when Rhea was joined by Kirsty and the business, renamed J&PR Ltd, launched into Telford and across Shropshire and West Midlands.

The company continued to grow year on year, covering wider geographical areas and wider industries and bringing in new members of the team with expertise in all aspects of PR.

The move to digital began in 2012 with the incorporation of blogs into client campaigns and the huge leaps in technology and social media platforms and content led the company to where it is now.

The new brand

Over the past 10 years J&PR has changed not only in its size but in the services we provide for clients – our capabilities as a PR agency are huge, and we continue to learn and grow as the digital world grows.

The brand was changed in 2011 to reflect the move to an agency, and this year changes again, to reflect the vast changes in the company over the past decade – and the exciting plans for the future!