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New beer celebrates Shropshire at county hotel
22 Nov 2017
by Dani Wozencroft

The Buckatree Hall Hotelbecame the exclusive supplier of a new beer – something to shout about!

A hotel near one of the county’s most popular landmarks has been chosen to launch a speciality beer celebrating all things Shropshire.

Buckatree Hall Hotel, at the foot of the Wrekin, will exclusively supply Shropshire Stout, created by Cleobury Mortimer-based Hobsons Brewery.
Reuben Crouch, commercial director at Hobsons, said: “I always enjoy coming to Buckatree Hall Hotel and seeing the bar full.

“We have worked together for a long time so we had no hesitation in offering our new beer to Buckatree first of all.”

Hobsons chose Buckatree Hall as their first outlet after the success of the Wrekin Havoc ale there last year.

Hotel general manager Wayne Jenson said: “This new beer further highlights how committed Buckatree Hall is to the local area and showcasing the very best of our county.

“A lot of people got behind Wrekin Havoc last year and it was certainly a talking point for our guests so we suspect this will be the same.

“We have a tremendous working relationship with Hobsons and are pleased to be showcasing this ale.”

Hobsons sources all its ingredients locally and prides itself on contributing to the county’s economy by working with Shropshire businesses.
The stout is a dark beer made using locally grown roasted malts and barley, local hops, water and yeast.

Wayne Jenson and Reuben Crouch


“It’s a great beer, think Guinness, only better!,” Wayne added.

“I am certain our customers will take to it.  Guinness is one of the most successful beer brands in the world.

“Hobsons Shropshire Stout is easily on a par with taste and quality.”

Other locations across the county are set to get their deliveries of Shropshire Stout in the coming weeks ready for Christmas.

For more information about the Buckatree Hall Hotel, visit www.buckatreehallhotel.com or call 01952 641821.