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My three lessons of the week…
14 Sep 2015
by Kirsty Smallman

I’ve learned three things this week…


  • Don’t ever call your personal trainer “predictable” as he will then introduce much heavier weights or a new exercise you really didn’t predict.
  • Don’t invite your personal trainer to be a guest speaker at a business networking event (www.telfordbusinessclub.com) and wear your tightest trousers as he will then ask you to be his guinea pig for the demonstration!
  • And certainly don’t tell him you are feeling “fitter than ever” ahead of your first PT session after far too many summer holidays as he will make sure you ache for a week!

So that’s my update on my personal training journey with Stuart Henderson of Ideal Fitness http://www.1dealfitness.co.uk/ which I’ve been sharing with you in recent weeks!

But in all seriousness I have never been so determined to reach my target weight again and also feel fit again! Both of which are equally important to me – I can’t just lose the weight, I also need to be exercising and feeling fit.

So the regime currently goes like this – Wednesday night indoor rowing session, Thursday the BMX track with my sons aged four and six putting me through my paces and Friday morning personal training with Stuart (keep up to date with his news at www.facebook.com/Idealfitnesspersonaltraining

And this week my friend who was inspired by my enthusiasm and excitement after each PT session joined me for her first semi-personal PT session.

Her verdict: She loved it but had never put her muscles (even ones she didn’t know she had!) through such a workout in just 60 minutes. The next day… she ached but with Stuart’s nutrition plan and home workouts at the ready she is raring to go for the second session on Friday!

Roll on November 21st when I have a convention to attend and I will be in my perfect dress!


Stuart Henderson owner of Ideal Fitness

Stuart Henderson owner of Ideal Fitness