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Muuuum, the sun’s on me…
19 Jul 2014
by Rhea Alton

With the Summer holidays here, thousands of us will be loading up the car and hitting the roads to head to our holiday destinations.

If you are like me and the back seat will be filled with the sounds of bored children I bet you already have a list as long as your arm of things that need to be inside the car before you head off.

There is also likely to be something you will forget – sun cream, hats, that essential part of the bedtime routine that could mean the possibility of them going to sleep peacefully at any point in the holiday is gone!

For us it is always the sun shades for the windows. We only remember we have once again forgotten to sort it out when the voice from the back seat calls “the sun is in my eyes” or we peer around to see if they are asleep and realise they are sweating in the beam of the sun.

We have shades but have lost some of the suckers so we are forgetting to buy new ones. With all the packing and the remembering of sun cream, hats, blue bear, the nightlight and everything else it just never seems to enter our minds.

So when Pam at Ace Car Care told me they had started welcoming parents prepping their cars for the Summer holidays with window tinting, I was intrigued.

I thought mine was purely a convenience issue but actually babies and children are extra sensitive to the sun and whilst in the car they are exposed to the harmful UVA and UVB rays, from sunlight, which can penetrate the window and cause damage to their skin.

Travelling by car on long journeys can lead to over exposure to harmful UV rays if children are not protected – like mine when we forget.

Many parents take measures to prevent UV rays, reduce glare and keep the car cooler and more comfortable for their children, their pets and other passengers in the car when they are travelling – with window tinting.

As a former journalist I am always one for questions and after a fair few I found out that window tinting not only provides an invisible barrier to almost 100 per cent of UV rays, it also provides heat and light rejection to keep the inside of the vehicle cool, and reduces glare for improved passenger comfort.

Ace Car Care in Shrewsbury. Scott Reay.Another ‘hidden’ benefit, is a cooler interior temperature, which means that the air conditioning doesn’t have to work so hard to keep temperatures down, and so improves fuel economy.

A lot of people also do it for privacy and security, and to change the look of the car or their motorhome, 4×4 or van.

The staff at Ace Car Care are more than happy to offer free advice on choosing the right tint for your needs as well as no obligation quotes for your specific vehicle. Or you can visit their website at www.AceCarCare.co.uk to get more information and request an online quote.

I did, and we are booked in – will let you see some before and after pix on here when it is all done!