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MP praise for firm’s charity efforts
05 Feb 2014
by Rebecca Dutton

By Lisa Rowley

It’s always the aim of any PR agency that clients get as much positive publicity as possible in order to generate more business and advertise what they do.

We take pride at J&PR in what we do and make great efforts to ensure our news reaches as many people as possible.

So it’s certainly rewarding for us when we are able to see how effective our efforts to raise the profile of the firms using our services have been.

And it certainly proves the power of the press after news of the fundraising efforts of one of our clients, Sarah’s Embroidery, reached the Houses of Parliament.

Bosses at the fledgling firm, which is based at Penley Industrial Estate, near Ellesmere, decided they wanted to do something to benefit a charity.

They chose Macmillan Cancer Support and already hundreds of pounds has been donated through the company initiative.

Now their actions have attracted the attention of local MP Susan Jones, who praised bosses for the ‘excellent idea’ after spotting a press release issued by us about the initiative in the Wrexham Leader.

Of course the idea by the company to raise money for charity was not for the publicity but it’s always nice when your efforts are recognised.

The firm was only set up about a year ago but staff were keen to raise money for charity as part of the business.

The success of the scheme so far is also largely thanks to its customers who have given a great response to the appeal.

The fundraising idea is simple – every time a quote is sent to a customer then a £3 donation is added as an option.

If the customer chooses to donate the £3 then Sarah’s Embroidery match-funds it.

Sarah’s Embroidery is hoping in time to donate thousands of pounds to the cancer charity.

And it looks like news of the initiative will go even further with the MP, a co-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Charities planning to mention the firm and its charitable actions at one of its meetings.

It just goes to show that all news isn’t bad and we can prove that positive things are happening in the business world and in North Wales in particular.

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