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Milkshake (and ice-cream) Live…..
23 Feb 2013
by Rhea Alton

Finally taking the big step into the theatre world with a toddler in tow was a move I had wanted to make for a while – and my hand was forced when Theatre Severn announced Milkshake Live was heading to the stage, and every mum I knew in a five mile radius seemed to already have a ticket!!

I have to be honest, we are not big Milkshake watchers and I was a bit worried George would not recognise half of the entertainment but the show pulled out the most popular characters of Noddy, Bananas in Pajamas, Roary the Racing Car, Fifi and more – all of which George is familiar with…especially Noddy after the Christmas present that just keeps on giving in the form of a Noddy train track and train that keeps him amused for at least four minutes at a time!

The all singing, all dancing live stage show also featured Milkshake! favourites Little Princess and Scruff, Big Chris and Bumble and presenters Amy and Olivia were the guiding hand through the performance.

Crammed full of singing and dancing there was plenty on offer to dazzle the audience but of course it was the lifesize versions of their favourite characters which really got the youngsters going.

George, at two, was a little starstruck and needed some ‘Mummy’ assistance when it came to strutting some funky moves, but for the older children (and many two-year-olds and younger) it was a whirlwind of cheering, dancing and singing.

It remained upbeat every second and the energy of Amy and Olivia kept even the children on their toes – topped off with a big bang of what George described as ‘fireworks’ at the end and it was smiles all round.

My first experience of theatre with George was a great one and I am looking forward to many more – although one lesson learnt was not to buy George an ice-cream during the interval as he didn’t finish it before the curtain rose again and I was left poking around in the dark with a wet-wipe…..needless to say the white top he was wearing has seen much better days!!

For more information about shows on at Theatre Severn visit their website here:http://www.theatresevern.co.uk/