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Medical couch donated to Shrewsbury Town physio team
21 Mar 2017
by Rhea Alton

A new medical couch donated to Shrewsbury Town Football Club physio team will help players to be treated even more effectively onsite.

Donated by Caradoc Medical Services the couch will be used by the club’s sports physiotherapists when dealing with the players injuries and issues.

Peter Masters, business manager at Caradoc, said they wanted the equipment to go somewhere it was needed and as a supporter of the club quickly thought about the physio team.

He said: “We are a buying consortium and have a lot of products that are available from our Caradoc shop on display in our current office.

“But we will be moving into the town centre in March and as our conferencing facilities will be smaller we decided to donate some larger equipment.

“We are really pleased to be able to give the football club something they need and we hope that it will be of great use to them.”

Shrewsbury Town Commercial Manager Richard Hill said the equipment is already being used and will mean they can offer players more effective treatment at the ground.

He said: “ We cannot thank Peter and Caradoc Medical Services enough for the kind donation of this physio couch.

“Being outside of the Premier League we do not have the financial clout of teams in that sphere and yet we incur the same high costs of running a physio department as they would.

“To be given a brand new piece of equipment, especially with the development of our brand new training ground and all its facilities, means we can treat our players even more effectively.”

Sports injuries differ to everyday injuries and athletes normally require high level performance and the demand placed upon their body stresses their muscles, joints and bones to the limit.

Caradoc Medical Services is a not-for-profit buying consortium that offers a shop for physiotherapists, health practitioners and osteopaths where they can access discounted products and buy them quickly and easily via an app.

For more information about the consortium, which is free to join, visit http://www.caradocmedicalservices.co.uk/