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Maintaining your social presence during the COVID-19 pandemic
04 May 2020
by Sophie Coombs

We are very much in unknown territory with the COVID-19 outbreak, with businesses closing their doors temporarily or drastically changing their working days to prioritise the safety of their staff. 

With the general public being advised to stay indoors by the government, many companies have dropped their current marketing campaigns until normality is resumed. The key question we have been asked recently is, should you keep your social presence up during a global pandemic?

The simple answer is YES, YES AND YES AGAIN!



Even if your business has temporarily closed its doors for the time being, it still exists. Once things begin to fall back into place, people will return to their consumer lifestyles, requiring products and services.

Another key reason to maintain your social presence is because of social media algorithms. Without getting too technical, consistency is key. If you’re not posting regularly at the moment, then your content will be shown to fewer people in time to come when you begin sharing posts frequently.

Keeping your business alive via social media will ensure you remain at the forefront of your audience’s minds and if you’re posting the right content you will improve your reputation.

We must congratulate those who have quickly moved into new business models (many with our help of course!) by running their business solely online for the first time.

Restaurant owners who were used to opening their doors and serving diners at their tables, are now delivering meals to doorsteps.

Activity venues where children used to go and paint pottery are now delivering so the children can have the same fun at home.

Gym owners are ensuring their clients stay fit and well by offering virtual PT sessions.

Chefs are giving lessons and selling their products online.

Businesses have collaborated so their products can be sold as one – hampers, fruit and veg boxes with toilet rolls on top for good measure – the list goes on.

But we have also been working with many clients who have seen their work stop and their doors close. It has been vital they still communicate. They need to be remembered – people who communicate well and do great things during this time will be remembered.


So… what should you be posting?

It is a sensitive time for all of us and we have certainly faced many challenges over the past few weeks. Due to the nature of the country’s current situation, it can be difficult for businesses to find the right tone and produce the right content across their social media channels.

Our first piece of advice is do not exploit the situation. It will just leave a bad taste and has potential to damage your business’ reputation for a long time.

We wholly encourage focusing on positive and ‘lighter’ content over the next few weeks, stepping away from sales and towards community:

  • Inform your audience of what you’re doing to help.
  • Let your clients and customers know what your business’ current stance is on the situation and pin it to the top of your page.
  • Share photos of your staff at home, making the most of their time.
  • Share resources and activities that you’re enjoying during isolation.

Remember: People don’t buy into business, they buy into people. Show your human side, do as much as you can to help your community and use your social media presence to keep spirits high during these challenging times.


If you need help then drop us a line on info@jandpr.com and we’ll call you back for a chat – communication and support is vital.