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Maintaining a good level of wellbeing in the workplace
01 Oct 2021
by Freya Morris

With 18-months of on and off restrictions and the number of people working from home at an all time high, the importance of maintaining a good level of wellbeing in the workplace is more important than ever before.

Remote working and loneliness.

As a result of the pandemic, many businesses have been pushed into enforcing remote working; with loneliness, reduced motivation and difficulty switching off becoming unfortunately common consequences.

It would also appear as though feeling ‘burnt out’ or low has become even more of a common feeling for workers everywhere with one in six employees experiencing mental health issues at any one time.

These negative feelings can be detrimental for a business, reducing productivity, progression and happiness.

Wellbeing and the office layout

The office layout is one way for employers to ensure that they’ve sufficiently contributed towards staff wellbeing and we have been working with our client Chrisbeon to share the options on offer - as a result many offices are incorporating specialist office furniture and facilities to help to support employees during different tasks and ensure wellbeing.

Introducing sufficient collaborative space for employees to work together and brainstorm is an excellent way to encourage collaboration. 

Additionally, for those workers returning to the office after working from home, providing a covid friendly environment for staff to return to - whether that be dividers or the introduction of sufficient office protocols to protect all employees.

Time away from technology

Whilst working from home has improved our way of working in some areas, it has also generated a huge increase in the number of hours spent in front of technology - with meetings taking place via online platforms such as Zoom and our only method of communication between colleagues being emails or online chats.

J&PR has been working with client PC Net and managing director Katy, now a techtimeout ambassador, sharing content on how she’s been filling her time away from the screen, including regular updates on her allotment and the vegetables she’s growing there.

Taking time away from technology is a wonderful way for people to establish a good relationship with technology and ensure a good technology/life balance.

When we work with our clients we learn a lot about business and productivity and gain insights through our blog-writing that makes a huge difference to how we work - and how we ensure Team J&PR is happy and productive.

We would highly recommend taking a look at the advice and expertise from businesses such as Chrisbeon and PC Net as all businesses navigate their way through the coming months.