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Magical evening in Shropshire
04 Nov 2019
by Rebecca Dutton



More than 100 people of all ages gathered together at a Shropshire hotel for a day of magic and wizardry.

The Harry Potter event was held at The Wroxeter, near Shrewsbury, on Sunday (Oct 27) and saw guests enjoy a Butterbeer before spending some time on Platform 9 and ¾ and in Diagon Alley.

Families, many of whom dressed up for the occasion, toasted marshmallows near the Quidditch pitch and met Hedwig the Owl inside the on-site yurt.

Hannah Hall, of The Wroxeter, said the event was an amazing experience for everyone – including the staff who all dressed up, providing guests with a Hagrid, a Voldemort and even a Death Eater.

“It was a truly fantastic day – the hotel was completely decked out in Harry Potter paraphernalia and the majority of guests dressed up,” she said. “We had one little boy who was celebrating his birthday and even welcomed a hen do for a bride-to-be Harry Potter fan!

“Everyone loved Hedwig and toasting marshmallows and we had some great fun with the sorting hat as people took their seats in the great hall before being entertained by Professor Quirrell, also known as magician Paul Ray.”

The Hogwarts feast was a traditional Roast Beef lunch followed by Harry Potter’s personal favourite pudding – Treacle Tart.

“It has been 12 years since the first Harry Potter book came out and it’s so fantastic that so many people are enthralled by its story,” added Hannah.

“We actually hosted a Harry Potter wedding here at the hotel in 2014 when the couple crafted 100 handmade wands for each of their guests as favours and bought potion bottles, which they filled with glitter and food colouring.

“Their cake was a Sorting Hat, and each table was decorated with vases with foraged wood, and tiny antique keys and homemade golden snitches dangling off the branches – it was truly amazing to see.

“The wonder of Harry Potter just keeps growing and we are so pleased to be part of it in so many ways.”