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Luxurious nights at the cinema
10 Jan 2014
by Rebecca Dutton

lisa-rowley-avatarBy Lisa Rowley

I’ve always loved going to the cinema from a young age when I’m old enough to remember going along to cult favourites such as Tron and ET.

Then visiting a picture house was a difference experience when the main film was preceded by another movie, often made by the Children’s Film Foundation, and there was time to buy your popcorn in the interval.

Now things seem much different and a trip to watch the latest movie seems to be a more expensive activity.

I admit I do visit multiplexes to take advantage of the latest 3D technology and latest blockbuster. But for me it is often frustrating with people talking during the movie or walking in and out. I feel it’s a more impersonal experience and often doesn’t show the less well-known films.

That’s why I like cinema’s such as the Light House in Wolverhampton. The media centre opened its doors in 1987 and since then has continued its aim of increasing the enjoyment and understanding of different media forms.

Just over a year ago I became a volunteer ambassador of the Light House. The role involves spreading the word about the venue.

It’s not a difficult job as the Light House is a great place to visit.

For me I love the films shown at the Light House. It has an extensive programme changing every week and also shows more independent films that you might not see elsewhere.

An added bonus is you can take food, as well as your drinks, into the screen while you watch the film.

It’s not only the cinema that makes up the registered charity in the historic Chubb buildings in Wolverhampton city centre.

Activities for language learners is something that is growing at the venue and it has become home to a number of weekly language cafes. There are now a range of opportunities to go along and chat to people in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Catalan, Japanese as well as English.

But if you’re interested in knitting then there’s a club for you, while a social networking group meets monthly in the Lock Works cafe/bar.

As an ambassador I’m obviously biased but I would certainly encourage anyone to check out the Light House and see what it has to offer.

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