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Tony's lockdown thoughts - the ones he can share!
03 Mar 2021
by Tony Warner

Throughout the country's third lockdown, the team at J&PR are sharing what they've been up to and their thoughts during Lockdown 3. Here are some thoughts from our amazing Copywriter Tony... the ones he can share!

If someone had told me this time last year that we would be in lockdown for the next 12 months... more or less, I would have had serious doubts about coming through it mentally intact!

It’s been a difficult year for everyone, especially those who have lost loved ones, and it’s devastating to think that the death toll is continuing to increase on a daily basis. It has also been hard to see people lose their jobs and businesses through no fault of their own.

On the positive side, the Warner clan has been lucky... so far! Son Martin, daughter-in-law Sarah and their young ones, Jasper and Phoebe, tested positive early in January but thankfully came through it ok - although it knocked Sarah and Martin off their feet for a time.

The wife and I are somehow still on speaking terms - actually managing to weather lockdown in relative isolation pretty well. We’ve been part of a support bubble with daughter Sandra and the girls, Mia and Megan, and I’ve been helping out where I can with homeschooling. Isn’t it amazing how much basic maths knowledge you lose over the years!

We are all focussing on the future and better times to come. Days at the coast, meals out with the family, a return to the squash court and a pint, or two, in the beer garden at the Woodberry in Bridgnorth. 

We had a holiday booked last Easter taking Sandra and the girls to Haven for a catch-up with Bradley Bear, Anxious the elephant and DJ Ned but that was cancelled and bounced back to this year. That week in early April is looming fast and we are thinking it may need to be pushed back again.

I’ve been grateful to keep working and one of the beauties of working for J&PR is that we can function remotely, although I do miss the office environment. I’ve been able to give my extensive vinyl collection an extended play and tried unsuccessfully to improve my keyboard skills with the help of a range of karaoke backing tracks.

I have also tried to pass on some basic card-trick magic to Mia - not that I’m any good at performing. I know how they work but I’m so ham-fisted that I rarely get it right which completely spoils the trick! I’m hoping that Mia will be a little more dexterous than grandad.

I just hate being idle and enforced long periods at home have necessitated a series of ‘little’ projects. I love stats and have been busy updating my history of the NFL (American Football) - a sport with a stat for absolutely everything. 

Don’t start to nod off, I’m nearly done! 

I’ve also completed three volumes of speedway greats and am working on a race-by-race record of Great Dane Ole Olsen on British tracks. I’ll bet you’re as thrilled as I am! 

I am hoping the vaccines will be as effective as is being claimed and that we can all return to some sort of normality as soon as possible, bringing this dreadful virus under control. Angela and I are awaiting vaccination and look forward to accepting the invitation, but for now it’s just a question of keeping a lid on things and trying to stay positive.