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What has Sophie been up to in lockdown 3?
12 Feb 2021
by Sophie Coombs

Throughout the UK's third lockdown we are sharing blog posts written by our staff members at J&PR, sharing what they're up to and how the are looking after themselves. Here's Digital Account Manager Sophie's instalment.

If you’d have told me when I started with J&PR in December 2019 that I’d do three months in the office before being told to work from home for the next 10 because of a global pandemic, I’d have laughed in your face. Yet here we are! Despite working remotely, I’ve made it through my apprenticeship and now work as a Digital Account Manager.

My first year at J&PR has definitely been a crazy one but I couldn’t think of a better company to work for. Not only has working for J&PR boosted my confidence and grown my skills within the digital world, but it’s also kept me busy throughout months of restrictions where most of my friends have been unemployed, furloughed or are students with little support.

We all knew a third lockdown was coming, but I fear this one has hit people the hardest; days are dark and rainy (although I've noticed it's now still light when I finish work!); we’re Netflixed and Zoom quizzed out; there doesn’t really seem to be an end.

Work has kept me very busy in the daytimes and once I’m finished I go for a walk (I often have to force myself!) for at least 40 minutes to get some fresh air and to switch off ‘work mode’. As I’m sure most people do, I find the weekends tough as in the normal world I'd be out and about. With that said, having completely free weekends has allowed me to do things I often haven’t found the time to do, like reading books or the dreaded ‘sort out’.

Human beings rely on social interaction and these past 10 months have been a challenge for so many of us. I miss my friends and family terribly and of course I miss spending my days in the J&PR office. I’m not sure I’ll take a chat over a coffee and a biscuit for granted ever again.

Living with a stepmum who works for the NHS, going into Covid wards daily, I see the horrors that Covid has caused; not just for those who have sadly been impacted by the disease itself but the effect Covid has had on people’s mental health. It is said often but it reigns true: please get in touch with those you love for a quick chat, it will have a positive impact on both of you. Of course, if you’re struggling please reach out to somebody who you feel you can talk to - a problem shared really is a problem halved and no one should suffer in silence.

In the grand scheme of things the world seems to be filled with doom and gloom but there are pockets of light everywhere, you just have to look for it.

  • So many people I know have been made redundant and have subsequently dived head first into running their own businesses which have all taken off. Something I think only a few of them would have done if it weren’t for the pandemic.
  • There is genuine love almost everywhere you look (please see the image attached of my dog who loves me no matter what)
  • Many of us have been able to return to old hobbies that had been swept away in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  • We’re spending more time than ever with our families; this sadly isn’t always a positive thing, but I’m personally loving spending so much time with my dad who often works overseas.

While the lockdowns, restrictions and daily stats seem never ending there will be a time where we can hug our loved ones again, go out for a meal and enjoy a holiday. I cannot wait for those days to come.