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Rhea's poem
05 Feb 2021
by Rhea Alton

Over the next few weeks, the J&PR team will be sharing their thoughts, feelings and experiences throughout the country's third lockdown. Last week we shared Commercial Director Kirsty's blog, now it's time to share a poem written by Operations Director Rhea Alton...

I know everyone has their own experiences of lockdown, and I am sure many will be like mine - there are highs and lows, and then more lows and a high, then a breakdown and then a week of smiles!

For me, the worst part of it is the guilt I feel when I am low - because I know my situation is so much better than others, and there are people out there who would love to be in my position.

And I also feel guilty as a parent - I know there are children out there who have their parents to help them home-school and then head out into the fresh air for exercise, whereas mine have to work through much of it themselves with help here and there from us and then once they are done they have to be quiet so their parents can continue working.

And before you know it is it dark outside and the children are starving! (which is why I penned the poem below... for all working parents who are frustrated and occasionally sweary!)

But I am surrounded by a great working team who help me as much as they can and everyone goes above and beyond - despite their own pressures in lockdown.I am very grateful to the J&PR team, my lockdown family - and my wider family and friends... and I cannot wait to get out and about with everyone!

Is this life?
How it will always be? If we cannot get back to normality...
Working from home, not needing the car.
No fun times with friends, no restaurants, no bar.
Home-learning with children... English and Maths.
No football, no swimming... except in the bath!
Even right now, there are people worse-off...
Facing much more hardship than the fear of a cough.
We shouldn’t be sad, depressed and blue.
This time isn’t forever, we are bound to come through.
But sometimes it’s hard, to smile and stand tall.
Even if our pain... compared to others... is nothing at all.
You’re allowed to be mad, frustrated and sweary.
This worldwide pandemic is making everyone weary.
Let’s keep holding on, dig deeper than you’ve dug.
Because one of these days...
The World will bring back the hug.