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Should you be using LinkedIn newsletters?
08 Apr 2022
by Sophie Coombs

At the end of 2021, LinkedIn released its newsletter feature to everyone - not just the special few who had previously had access. 

Now, anyone can create and distribute a newsletter through LinkedIn. It’s the perfect way to share your expertise and widen your audience.

LinkedIn newsletters - the basics
Your LinkedIn newsletter is a collection of regularly published articles covering a particular topic or sector. For example, a member of J&PR would likely use their newsletter to talk about public relations, social media, or content creation. 

Anyone who subscribes to your newsletter will be notified whenever you publish a fresh article. They can also share your articles on their personal page, meaning your content is seen by even more people. 

Want all of your newsletter articles in one place? That’s what the newsletter page is for!

Take a peek at your newsletter’s page and see your past articles, how many subscribers you have, and how regularly you share new editions (which you can set, too!). Everything you see on your newsletter page is what readers see, too, so keep that in mind. 

Should you have your own LinkedIn newsletter?

As we often say, it depends on you and your business… but if you want to demonstrate you’re an industry leader, it’s likely to be a ‘yes’.

By sharing articles covering your experiences, updates to your business and its industry, top tips and tricks, and so much more, you’re taking your LinkedIn presence to the next level.

What happens when you improve your LinkedIn presence? Your reputation improves, and your network grows.

What happens then? Your business’ reputation improves… and you get more enquiries and people through the door!

Be mindful!

Your business’ reputation will only improve if your content is value-rich, and you’re not just writing sales pitches and calling them newsletter articles. 

Make sure you’re providing free knowledge - people will love your content for it! 

Another thing you need to make sure of… spelling and grammar! You could be writing great newsletters, but if they’re riddled with spelling and grammar errors people aren’t going to subscribe.

Can J&PR help you with your LinkedIn newsletter?

If you want to get started on creating your LinkedIn newsletter but you’re not too sure where to begin, we’re here to help you!

We know our stuff

When a client of ours wanted to try out LinkedIn newsletters, they knew we were the people to ask. 

We drafted content and advised them on the name, description, and regularity of their newsletter. 

Just one week, and one article, in… they had 270 subscribers. Just from one piece of organic content!

What are you waiting for? 

Prefer to do things yourself?

Book in for a Two Hour Takeover training session with us.

We’ll talk you through the basics of LinkedIn newsletters, starting with how to set them up. 

We can then discuss ideas and can build a newsletter content plan with you, so you leave the session knowing what your first edition is going to cover. 

OR… we can write, and publish, your first newsletter with you! That way you can see how your newsletters should be laid out and how you promote your editions once they’re live.

Prefer someone to run it for you?

We can take care of your LinkedIn newsletter, as part of a retained client package, if it’s easier for you.

After meeting to get a feel for what your newsletter will revolve around, we can create a plan and will get to work writing monthly, or fortnightly, articles and optimising your newsletter. 

Once you’ve approved your content, we can set it live as regularly as you wish - we’ll also respond to any comments or engagements on your pieces, as community management is key! 

Want to know more?

Email us at info@jandpr.com or pick up the phone and call our office on 01952 951 263 and let’s talk LinkedIn!