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Kevin Bl*ody Wilson – hilarious, filthy, non-PC and I loved it! Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury
01 Jan 2014
by Kirsty Smallman

I have a confession. Until last night I was a Kevin Bl*ody Wilson virgin. That’s right I’d never seen him on tour, watched his DVD or read his book.

At Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury last night as the majority of the audience joined in with the singing (and they weren’t the conventional words I knew!) it was clear I was in the minority.

In his strong Australian accent Kev quite rightly declared the theatre a “PC free zone” and he wasn’t referring to computers! As he put it if you are a “little bit thin skinned” about the issues of the world or “absolutely anything” then this isn’t the show or comedian for you and of course he told anyone who was to leave the theatre – in the most polite manner you could think of!

There was plenty of swearing, controversial humour which has left some theatres in the UK asking for him t0 leave certain songs out (which he has refused!) and damn-right dirty and explicit language with songs covering sex, religion, the political correctness of the UK, traditional naming of foods in the UK and anything else which popped into his mind.

But at the heart of the show is a talented singer songwriter whose love for country music shone through. His stories of his friend “Nigel” (a “black fella”) and growing up in the outback, singing in bands and performing in sports clubs on a Sunday morning – all true and told through an array of fantastic songs. His love for his home country, his adored family including his grandchildren (who aren’t yet touring but sound like they could be following in “Pops” footsteps all came through his show.

I am now a “DILLIGAF” fan and for his fans out there that doesn’t need any explaining and for those who aren’t – Google it!

The sell-out Shrewsbury audience did Kev proud as he continues on his final tour of the UK – where have I been for the last 25 years I am asking myself? We overheard people handing over requests for Friday’s show in Blackpool – he clearly had quite a following with every UK show a sell-out.
But even if Kev isn’t touring the UK with his guitar and his talented singing and songwriting next year, I’m sure his daughter “Jenny Talia” who is in fact called Tammy Jo will be. If you don’t understand her stage name after saying it once then this isn’t a show for you!

Her warm up act (also with her guitar) was fantastic and her versions of chart topping hits were simply “unforgettable” covering everything from ex-boyfriends, marriage, sex, drugs, alcohol and immigration – and certainly following in her father’s footsteps – plenty of swearing!

She ridiculed the audience, making grown men blush – all from the perspective of a woman. She said a few things us women have thought so many times!

In the interval Jenny signed autographs, verbally abused her fans and continued the entertainment in the foyer – but her fans would expect nothing less. Whilst her mum sold the merchandise and Kev prepared for the show – it was clear that they really are a close knit, loving Australian family on tour – but one with a fantastic sense of humour.

My biggest disappointment is that I was a Kevin Bl*ody Wilson virgin and only discovered my love for his talent on his final tour of the UK. Is that a good enough excuse to book a holiday to Australia and catch up with him over there?

Of course the management and staff of Theatre Severn deserve a thumbs up once again for securing such a fantastic comedian on his final UK tour – Shropshire’s theatre scene has so much to offer and if you haven’t yet been to Theatre Severn you are missing out. See you at the panto!