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Keeping it local in Shropshire
05 Jun 2014
by Rebecca Dutton

Ace Car Care in Shrewsbury. Pam Williams.

By Rebecca Dutton

At J&PR, we love local companies and support anything that keeps business in our county and helps our immediate economy.

That’s why we are so impressed with Shrewsbury-based Ace Car Care’s new initiative to help county firms network and generate more business.

The company has unveiled a ‘keep it local’ board, which displays the business cards of businesses that have used their services.

The board is on display in reception so all visitors and customers can see it and take note of contact details of any business they are interested in.

It’s a simple idea and one which many other businesses could easily set up.

And that’s not all the company has planned to help local businesses network and gain new customers.

Director Pam Williams said the idea is to give a little back to fellow businesses, who have helped Ace Car Care grow by using their services.

She said: “The idea around the business card board is to promote those who use our services and generate more work, as a thank you and to ‘keep it local’.

“Any business who has used our service is welcome to leave their card for the board which is in a prominent position in our reception area, so that anyone who visits are able to look at other local businesses and the services they offer.

“We have only just started this initiative and intend to expand it with a links page on our website, where we can add a short description of the business and its services along with a link to their website.”

Ace Car Care will also soon start a weekly spotlight on a random customer’s business, which they will promote to the 1,400 Facebook fans on the Ace Car Care page www.facebook.com/AceCarCare.

We love all their ideas and hope other businesses in Shropshire will start to do the same thing.

Helping each other is the only way our businesses will grow and it all goes towards making sure the economy of Shropshire expands and develops.

For more information about Ace Car Care and the services they provide visit www.acecarcare.co.uk or contact (01743) 466100.

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