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J&PR's October highlights
31 Oct 2023
by Team J&PR

Team J&PR has spent a lot of time out and about in October - from Telford Town Park to Wales and further afield to Athens! Find out what everyone has been up to over the last few weeks….

New clients

Kirsty was pleased to see three new clients come on board in one day in October! One was one of our first clients when J&PR launched 13 years ago - they always know where to turn for their PR needs.

The second was a big "yes please" after we sent them a proposal in August - we always say it has to be the right time for the client and October is the the right time for their PR campaign to start. The third was a county based charity which is always very exciting.

And Dani’s professional highlight was also more new clients! She is very excited to start working with Andy Goff at Career Cards and for a county charity.  Such great work is being done by both that she cannot wait to get stuck in and meet their needs.

Holidays, birthdays and Oktoberfest

Kirsty enjoyed her birthday weekend and felt so thankful for those around her - from "ladies who lunch" on the Friday, a girlie night away with a theatre trip and back for a family day on the Sunday - with rugby and washing thrown in - just to keep it real! 

Rhea’s personal highlight was a trip to Athens with her Percy Jackson obsessed son. He had always wanted to see the Temple of Poseidon and the pair got to see it at sunset as well as a visit to the Acropolis and a swim in Lake Vouliagmeni! Rhea loves history so it was a fantastic time for her to learn more about the Greeks!

Tony - who we think is Super Grandad - was really pleased to see his eldest granddaughter getting the all-clear from the surgeon following an operation on her knee! Well done for being so brave Mia.

Simon’s personal highlight was attending Shropshire Oktoberfest with Rhea and Kirsty - great to catch up with friends and clients. The event was fantastic and really well organised - we are all already looking forward to next year when we plan to take the entire team to experience the fantastic event!

Dani’s October highlight was actually staying put - living in Shropshire! Dani enjoyed another walk up the Wrekin this month and paid a visit to Madeley Dry Ski Slope too, which was her first visit despite living nearby for 15 years! Great to have these on the doorstep and lots of fun.

Freya had a great time pumpkin carving with friends ready for Halloween - half the fun was in strapping the pumpkins to the back of the bikes! All pumpkins made it in one piece, just to drilled, carved and gutted in the true spirit of spooky season!

Promotional goodies and pets!

Freya’s professional highlight of October was the opening of Southwater vets. After months of preparation and anticipation, the practice has finally opened its doors and is welcoming pets from across the county. It has been one of Freya’s favourite projects to work on and she’s glad to finally see the fruits of the team’s efforts.

Sophie’s professional highlight this month was going to Telford Town Centre to promote Southwater Vets by handing out goodies to dog walkers and dog-friendly businesses. She said it was really nice to chat to people about pets and everyone was so excited about the vets opening. She also enjoyed spending an hour or so in the fresh (and nippy!) air. 

The trip to the town park was also Rhea’s highlight as she had great chats with people walking their dogs in the area and got to have a good catch up with her digital team about all things promotional!

Sophie’s personal highlight has been bedding into her new flat, which her and her partner moved into last month. They didn't need to do any manic IKEA trips in October and most of the unpacking is done, so they have spent this month just enjoying their new space and ambling around Shrewsbury. It sounds wonderful!

Our future generations

Tony’s professional highlight was talking to two new apprentices at Ascendancy - a firm with an amazing record of supporting young people in the workplace. It is always refreshing to hear the hopes and aspirations of excited young people who are setting out on their career path.

Simon's highlight of the month was attending the Ellesmere College career fair, meeting lots of enthusiastic young people and sharing his experiences in PR, journalism and marketing - and why they are such great career options! He also paid a visit to the Priory School in Shrewsbury to speak to the students about their plans for the future and his experiences in journalism and PR.

By the time we write our November highlights blog we will be well on the way to Christmas - this year has really flown by. The festive season is always a busy time for PR teams so we look forward to reporting back at the beginning of December!