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J&PR's July highlights
30 Jul 2021
by Team J&PR

2021 really is flying by, isn’t it? This month we’ve had client meetings, live events, staycations, and a heatwave to beat all heatwaves! 

Here are the Team J&PR’s highlights from July…

Kirsty’s professional highlight this month has been winning a second contract with the same hospitality client due to the epic work Team J&PR did in the first 6 weeks of the first contract. How great?!

This month, her sons finished Year 5 and Year 7 with smiles on their faces - not to mention they managed to get through the last week of term without their bubbles bursting! School’s out and summer is here, we hope all of the children have plenty of fun!

Dani has been busy interviewing some truly amazing and inspirational young children from Ellesmere College and their parents this month, and it’s definitely been her highlight. 

Whether they’re travelling the world, competing in motocross, being invited to play golf with professionals or climbing the national/international ranks at rugby, hockey, netball or shooting… Dani’s not sure she had any hope at the age of 7 to 12 with any of those things!

They really are excellent achievers and Dani felt proud just interviewing them, so goodness knows how their parents felt!

It may not be national level, but winning the adventure golf on holiday was Dani’s personal highlight this month, and she managed to beat a cheating five-year-old in the process! She also felt fairly smug that the family staycation was brilliantly timed during a heatwave too!

Dani wasn’t the only J&PR team member to enjoy a staycation this month, and Tony’s personal highlight was enjoying a seaside trip with his grandchildren. It’s not often that they all get together for getaways.

Tony’s professional highlight this month was talking to a local photographer who is having one of her pictures taken to the moon on the Peregrine 1 lunar lander in March - how amazing is that?

Freya is almost at the six-month milestone at J&PR (we said 2021 was flying!) and she’s learned so much already. She said she can’t wait for the day that we all go back to the office so that she can get to know the team without a keyboard involved!

Events will be a common theme in this blog, starting with Freya’s attendance at her first ‘proper’ event in a year this month. It was outdoors and hand sanitiser was always on hand, but it felt great for Freya to get back to some form of normality - there was even some dancing in the end!

On 17th July, Rhea attended the Shropshire County Show as part of their PR team once again - we said events would be a common theme! She said it was so good to be back in an events role, and it’s been a long time coming.

And yet another staycation for the J&PR team this month, with Rhea’s personal highlight being a trip to the seaside with family and friends. It was so nice for them to get away and enjoy some sun. 

Becci completed her first triathlon this month! She completed the Deva Diva triathlon and was really pleased with her results, especially as she had to cycle on her mountain bike as her road bike wasn’t available. She achieved a personal best for her 5k run, completing it in 21 minutes and 54 seconds, and says she'll definitely be doing another triathlon! 

We’d like to say a big congratulations to Becci for that achievement!

At work, Becci has also been excelling. She got some fabulous coverage for Enterprise South West Shropshire, including some brilliant press for their 25 year anniversary! It’s great to see such a busy and thriving organisation getting the recognition it deserves.

We’re sure Si isn’t the only one who loved watching the football this month! His personal highlight has been watching Euro 2020 with his boys - even though England eventually lost the final, the championships were fantastic and helped develop a love of football for Si’s boys, which he’s keen to keep going!

From a professional point of view, Simon has just started working with a hotel in Shrewsbury who had done very little organised social media before. It has been really satisfying for Si to see the hotel’s online presence develop very quickly during our first month of working with them.

Finally, Sophie’s professional highlight was attending the Shropshire County Show as a member of the PR team. She really enjoyed chatting to the attendees and managing the social media for the day. Not to mention, the weather was fantastic!

Sophie also enjoyed a staycation this month, and headed to the Cotswolds for a long weekend. She had never been before and absolutely loved it. On her final day, she visited the Cotswolds Wildlife Park and said that was her absolute highlight of this month!

It’s been another busy month and we hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about what the team gets up to inside and outside of work - we’re certainly loving that we’re getting out and about more!

We can’t wait to see what August brings!