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J&PR's January highlights!
28 Jan 2022
by Team J&PR

Somehow, we’re already a month into 2022. You should know by now what happens on the last Friday of every month at J&PR… it’s time for our monthly highlights!

Here’s what we’ve been up to in January.

Kirsty saw in 2022 with friends from Australia (yes, face to face!) and reunited with a friend from university with children and partners the next day. Not to mention, what seems like a month-long (and alcohol-fuelled!) celebration for her husband’s 50th birthday!

It’s not all play for Kirsty, though… this month she’s enjoyed seeing an increase in confidence with people wanting to meet face to face, and hosting various client meetings in our new office following the easing of restrictions once again - long may it continue!

Rhea has stuck to her health and fitness goals for the first four weeks of 2022, with some fun cooking times and some new exercise classes thrown in the mix. Well done Rhea!

The New Year saw Rhea pull together a number of quarterly Google My Business reports for clients and seeing what an impact the platform is making. (Hint: if your business isn’t on it yet, it probably should be!)

Like Rhea, Sophie has enjoyed pulling together a number of client reports this month. She has been comparing the past quarter’s stats to the same quarter last year, and the results are pretty great!

Outside of the office, Sophie has loved getting to grips with her New Year’s resolutions for 2022. Some people may fall off the wagon on January 19th (according to Strava), but Sophie’s still going strong! She’s managed to save money this month, despite booking a city break for May, and has enjoyed time reading books - while cuddling her dogs! - and taking care of her plants.   

This month, Si’s secured a contract to rewrite a website for an exciting international client. The subject matter is quite complicated, but that won’t stop Si - he’s enjoyed the challenge of turning technical details into accessible and engaging web content!

From a personal point of view, Simon saw the junior football team he coaches secure its first draw of the season. He said it may not be a win, but you have to start somewhere! It’s been a big challenge for a lot of the youngsters on Si’s team who are new to football, so it’s been really rewarding for him to see them improve as a team… and he says seeing their proud faces after scoring the last-minute equaliser definitely made the hard work worthwhile.

Freya’s highlight is happening as we write this blog (and we’re totally jealous)... she’s gone on a family skiing holiday! As her brothers both live in Newcastle, it’s been a challenge to pin everyone down and the family’s trip to France was meant to happen in January 2021 but was postponed - for obvious reasons!

Freya and her family only found out they could definitely go to France just over a week before their trip, as restrictions were lifted just in time. We hope she’s having a brilliant, well-deserved holiday… we can’t wait to hear all about it when she’s back!

She may be on holiday at the moment, but Freya’s loved the breath of fresh air that came with getting back to work after the Christmas break. She said it’s taken her a little while to blow away the Christmas cobwebs, but she’s definitely got there thanks to her trusty to-do list!

Clearly, winter sports are a theme this month as Dani went ice skating for the first time in years… and proudly didn’t fall over! She said it was a nice surprise, as she really thought she would fall, and her skating “wasn’t pretty and was more shuffling than skating” but she did it!

Off the ice and at her desk, Dani’s been working hard on an award entry which took a lot of toing and froing with lots of information needed. The finished product really has ticked all the boxes - we’ve all got our fingers crossed!

Tony’s been learning all about the joint project undertaken by our client Bulldog Security Products, based in Much Wenlock, and another Shropshire company, Williams and Byrne, this month. They’ve been working to protect and restore the historic stained glass window in the gothic mansion at Alton Towers - wow!

Working and restoring has been a theme for Tony this month, as he’s the proud new owner of a “super-duper two-in-one hedge cutter and chainsaw” which he can use to tackle the hedge in his back garden which has grown out of all proportion. Tony wonders how long it will be before he cuts through the cable on this one!

It’s been a brilliantly busy month at J&PR, and we’re already looking forward to what February will bring.