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J&PR’s August highlights
01 Sep 2021
by Team J&PR

Just like that, it’s the final Friday of August and the children are entering their final days of their summer break… what a month it’s been! 

Here’s what we’ve been up to at J&PR.

Kirsty has spent two weeks this month with her husband, two sons and parents travelling around Somerset, Cornwall and Devon. These have been such precious moments for her.

Kirsty’s professional highlight has been completing two contracts with a new client with huge success thanks to the work of Team J&PR. It’s been amazing!

Rhea attended the Compasses Beer Festival with her friends on 16th August. The event was a great taste of normality for her.

Pitching to a client in New Zealand was Rhea’s professional highlight. She and Si digitally transported to New Zealand to chat with a potential new client about a project they were working on in Shropshire that needed a local PR firm campaign. 

Rhea has also loved training a new Social Media Manager for a client as we prepare to hand over the account from agency to in-house, following the fantastic growth of the business.

Freya has been busy working on her new house! She spent a weekend ripping out her old bathroom and her and her boyfriend are currently starting to install the new one. There have been some challenges along the way but they’re nearly there now!

This month, Freya has had the opportunity to come face to face with new clients again. While most of the team have already hit this milestone, this is a first for Freya!

Tony has seen a reduction in his blood sugar levels as a result of participation in the National Diabetes Prevention Programme, which has been a huge highlight for him this month - and a highlight for us, too!

He’s also enjoyed learning about the latest children’s book in the Barley’s Biscuit series by local author Roy Bradshaw, from Madeley. 

For Si, from a personal point of view, it's been a really busy month for his live music "side hustle" and he’s been playing gigs in Oswestry, Newport and Shrewsbury - getting people out of their seats singing and dancing has been fantastic for him, especially after so many months of being unable to even enter a pub, let alone play live music!

His professional highlight has been helping a major hospitality client with the launch of a new venue, securing a range of fantastic coverage in the regional press. Si has driven past on a couple of occasions since it opened, and seeing the car park completely full has been very satisfying.

Dani has enjoyed lots of summer holiday fun, visiting family members and friends who live far away, fun days out with friends in Shropshire and taking her 5-year-old to his first Crystal Palace football match (Dani’s team!). She also managed to squeeze in a cheeky trip to the theatre in London to see SIX the musical.

Dani’s professional highlight has been working with Ellesmere College to shout about their excellent GCSE and A Level results and also working with Secret Severn Art Trail and learning more about what sounds like a fantastic event next month!

It’s been a quiet month for Sophie outside of work, but her highlight has been enjoying an anniversary meal with her boyfriend at their favourite restaurant, Umai, in Shrewsbury - any excuse for sushi!

Going here, there and everywhere with two major clients has been Sophie’s professional highlight this month. She’s loved working with Simon and Kirsty on the accounts and has been thrilled to do so much face to face work after so long!

What a fantastic month full of special moments and happy clients. September will see the kids go back to school, and plenty of fun at J&PR - we can’t wait!