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J&PR's April highlights
28 Apr 2023

The months are really flying by, aren’t they? With the Easter holidays, a four-day weekend, and client visits across the country, April flew by! Here are our favourite moments…

Success and new friends

At SBC Training, Freya finished her final exam and is coming to the end of her apprenticeship! She still has portfolio work and other things to do, but she’s thrilled to have the exams out of the way. And while Freya was sad to see Freya M go, she has also really enjoyed seeing photos from her travels!

Rhea’s professional highlight was hearing that Freya had passed all her exams and has everything she needs for her portfolio to head confidently into the assessment and complete the apprenticeship.

Following Freya M’s departure at the start of April, meeting our newest employee is Dani’s highlight! While she was sad to see Freya go, Dani’s very excited for her as she goes on her travels. She’s thrilled to have a new person sitting next to her and to get to know. Clarissa has already managed to help Dani with answering questions about some work she’s doing for a client in the Netherlands, tapping into Clarissa’s Dutch roots and knowledge!

Birthday celebrations

Sophie’s personal highlight this month was her boyfriend Aidan's birthday! Sophie loves  birthdays and spoiling people so her own boyfriend's birthday is the best! The pair went out for dinner with his family a few days before, and then enjoyed a meal at The Beefy Boys on the big day.

And Dani’s personal highlight was her own birthday! It included visiting her mum on the south coast, catching up with friends who she lived with in university for lunch, a walk along the beach in Bournemouth, lunch with her dad in London and watching Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe at Parenting Hell Live at the O2 as well! She said it was jam-packed and so much fun!

Days out, decor and sports!

After a difficult few weeks, Rhea’s broken shoulder blade is well on the mend and she is very much appreciating having the movement back in her arm again. She also went on a trip to London (didn’t bump into Dani though) with a friend for a meal at Ting in the Shard and a visit to the museums.

As a family Kirsty and her boys have moved from BMX racing to rugby (with her involvement remaining the same - shouting and drinking bubbly!) so this month's highlight was seeing their youngest son Archie lead his team as Captain to victory in the U12s tournament in Whitchurch in the final fixture of the season, after their elder son enjoyed a brilliant rugby tour in Somerset with his team mates. Kirsty had a great time and it was fun even for the parents too! Well done Telford Hornets' boys!

As if settling into a new role wasn't a big enough personal achievement on its own, Clarissa has also found herself navigating the house-buying process after securing her first home this month - if, of course, all goes well! So far, while she is looking forward to having her own home, the amount of paperwork has her longing for quieter days when her time was her own. It will be worth it in the end though!

Tony has been busy with some home improvement and is thrilled to finally have a new carpet for the front room.

At work, Tony was overjoyed to hear Shropshire County Show announce there will be a World War ll Battle of Britain Flight flying over this year's event at the end of May, which will hopefully include three iconic planes from that era - a Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster.

Always a great sight that Tony is most looking forward to.

Client success

April saw the culmination of many months' work with the opening of a pub following a major renovation project, and Si was delighted to help secure coverage of the opening on the regional BBC TV news as well as the local media.

Sophie’s professional highlight has to be "the cheese"! After a lot of groundwork at the start of this year to get the client, she’s over the moon the team is now working with Barber's Cheesemakers. She ventured down south with Kirsty and Clarissa and despite not eating cheese (we know - the horror!) Sophie really enjoyed the trip and meeting the lovely team.

Kirsty’s highlight was also the successful two day trip to Somerset - it was a full agenda and let's just say it included a lot of cheese! Only the best Barber's cheese of course!

Barber’s was Clarissa’s first client meeting - getting her first taste of agency life (literally and figuratively). Needless to say, while she can't say she was overly thrilled by the choice of outfit for the dairy tour (hairnets, overalls and plastic shoes!) she had a brilliant few days.

Sunny days

Freya has had a super busy month! Taking advantage of all opportunities to enjoy the sun, Freya has spent as much of April as she could on her motorbike, such as going on an overnight trip to Upton and taking part in Bike4Life with her dad. She is also thrilled to have made some new biker friends at The Tiddly bike night, and is looking forward to getting to know them more over the summer at many ride-outs to come!

Si’s personal highlight has been seeing the nights growing lighter and warmer, meaning he can get out on the allotment and get planting his vegetables!

And a bittersweet goodbye to our Freya Morris!

Freya left us towards the beginning of April, but not without leaving a lovely closing paragraph for us to add to our monthly highlights blog. She has taken the leap and gone travelling, but we’ll let her tell you the details!

“My leaving lunch was when it actually sunk in that I was leaving the J&PR family. I'm absolutely gutted to leave behind so many friends and wonderful clients but I'm really looking forward to my adventure and what the near future has in store!

“The first stop is New Zealand where we'll be hiring a campervan to explore both the north and south islands, then once we've explored everything NZ has to offer, we're flying back and less than a week later I'm heading around Europe with Germany, Belgium, Holland, and Italy all stops we have lined up.

“As much as I'll probably hate coming home after such incredible adventures, I'm secretly looking forward to meeting up with my J&PR family for a coffee at Wellington Market to show them the pics and have a huge catch-up!”

And that’s a wrap on April 2023 at J&PR! Who knows what’s next for us?