What's happening?

A new year and a new look re-branded company! Welcome to J&PR Ltd.
01 Jan 2014

logo-largeAfter the arrival of a new business partner in March, the addition of two new writers and a photographer and not forgetting the quadrupling of the number of clients the company represents in just 10 months – we started the six-month planning process of the re-brand.

Four years ago the company started out as Journalism and PR but through the power of Twitter we became known as the “J&PR girls” and we decided we quite liked it – so J&PR Ltd it became.

Several months and hours of hard work behind the scenes, the new name, new logo and the all-new version of our website is finally here.

With more traffic than ever before coming to our site, more business news needing to be included for our clients and more people accessing our site from devices other than a desktop computer, we wanted to ensure they could see everything they wanted to regardless of the size of the device. So now wherever you are, be it using a tablet, mobile or desktop, you will be able to see all of the features, both old and new, on our new website.

After months of development we’re very excited to unveil the re-branded company and the all-new version of our website that delivers a better experience on all levels.

The internet has changed a lot since we launched the previous J&PR website and we felt that this would be the perfect time to upgrade our online presence alongside changes to the team and the behind the scenes systems we use.

website-screenshot-homeMore than a third of visits to our website are now from mobile devices so it was important to us to create something that allowed you to get the latest news, information and blogs as fast as possible, even if you were on the move.

To that end the website has been completely rewritten from the ground up to create something that is cleaner and simpler on the outside, but much faster and more advanced on the inside. Something that looks just as good and, more importantly, is just as easy to use on any device from your smartphone to your desktop.

Our testing has shown that the new website loads up to 80% faster and the total size of the page now averages less than 0.5 Mb. This is a huge step forward which means a far better user experience, especially on mobile devices where data is always at a premium!

While we may have launched the new website, we will be continually refining and optimising it to ensure that it really works on every device you can buy, and gives you the best viewing experience possible.

We think the new J&PR website is a massive leap forward and we hope you’ll agree. So have a look around, read some articles, share some news and enjoy the new experience. We welcome all your feedback so feel free to let us know what you think!

We’d like to thank all of our clients and members of the media we regularly work with to achieve the best coverage for our clients for their support in 2012 and we hope you will enjoy the new website and the expansion of the team at J&PR Ltd.

To discuss your PR plans and opportunities for 2013 please get in touch or follow us on Twitter @Jandpr and visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/JandPR