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It’s good business to celebrate an anniversary
07 Feb 2014
by Rebecca Dutton

By Lisa Rowley

Nowadays it’s difficult times for businesses with many falling victim to the recession and disappearing forever from our high streets.

But in Shropshire we think there’s plenty to celebrate as many firms survive the hard times.

And it’s not just established businesses managing to weather the storm but new ones spring into life as well.

Being based in Shropshire we always want fellow companies do well and love to hear about their successes.

That’s why we think it’s always so important to celebrate an anniversary, no matter how long or short.

It can bring a feel-good atmosphere to the workforce and provides staff with a much-needed buzz.

It can bring workers together and strengthen the sense of pride they have in the company.

These can lead to benefits for the customer with staff eager to bring even great success and further improve the service they provide to become the best in the business.

This can have a knock-on affect and the positivity can spread to others, giving hope that success is not necessarily as difficult to achieve.

It’s also a good way of showing a firm’s staying power and its longevity as well as being a useful advertising tool.

We’re seeing this success mirrored by some of our own clients who are preparing to celebrate their own anniversaries.

For ABC Day Nurseries it will be a landmark 21 years of providing care for youngsters in the Telford area.

From small beginnings it now has nurseries in Lightmoor, Hollinswood and Hadley, as well as more recently at Hoo Farm.

It’s a great 10-year milestone in 2014 for Pop Creative in Oswestry; Emotion Studios based at Claverley, near Bridgnorth; Shire Conservatories at Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury; as well as Ace Car Care Ltd in Shrewsbury.

While SoFood! based in Telford will be looking forward to many more years of success when it celebrates its first anniversary in March.

Here in Shropshire we have some great businesses and think that we should be proud of all its successes.

We just hope that in 20 years time at J&PR we can be blowing the candles on a special anniversary cake to mark our silver anniversary.

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