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It's Dani's 9th work anniversary!
28 Oct 2022
by Dani Wozecroft

Nine! Remember when you were excited to be so close to double figures on your next birthday as a kid?

I’m not nine years old, no. But I have been at J&PR for nine years!

I can’t believe I’m so close to the decade, the tin anniversary.

For now it’s the pottery anniversary though. And just like a pottery project, my role at J&PR has been moulded and changed over the years.

Nine years of growth 

I started in the temporary offices with a laptop and two other staff members to guide me.

In the nine years we’ve seen staff and freelancers come and go (not many though, I should add - most of us stay quite a while because it’s great!) and two different offices too.

Countless clients but some I’ve also been working on the whole time I’ve been here.

At the wheel

Unlike a pottery project, I haven’t felt like I’ve been spinning in circles the whole time!

I also haven’t been fired (thankfully) or glazed.

But there has been plenty of water (or tea… or wine!), some fine tuning and indeed some decorating at times. I have, of course, also worked very hard.

Supporting staff

The company has been flexible to all my needs and there has always been a grounding that makes you feel appreciated and valued.

So here’s to the next chapter at J&PR, one I’m very excited about!

And bring on the big 1-0.