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Intermediate level reached and I survived!
05 Aug 2015
by Kirsty Smallman

When my personal trainer from Ideal Fitness told me he was starting me on the intermediate level I thought to myself “what? Last week was only the beginner’s level?”
Stuart Henderson, based on Stafford Park, had introduced me slowly to the world of Personal Training during the last four weeks due to my recent knee surgery but as the knee was so much better it was time to go to the next level.
So did I survive? Of course! Did I ache? Of course! No pain, no gain!
Despite the exercises putting my fitness and ability to the test, they were still all exercises I could do at home as part of Stuart’s plan. No expensive equipment is needed – just a mat, a floor and some determination. A fit ball and some dumbbells are handy but if not a couple of 2 litre bottles of water would do the trick and a football or beach ball!
During this first intermediate session I was taken back to my Taekwondo days with some of the exercises and Stuart introduced new ones. All of the exercises I could see were strengthening my core, my legs, my arms, helping to improve my balance and my bend in my knee – a total full body workout which certainly increased my heart rate – all in just an hour!
But I must admit at the end when Stuart told me tomorrow’s homework was just 30 minutes cardio work I was a little relieved.
However Stuart’s enthusiasm kickstarted the determination in me and my work outs continued throughout my seven day holiday – cycling, a couple of trips to the on-site gym and my fitness mat became a feature outside our touring caravan – the children found it very amusing (and the neighbouring children too!)
So if this was the intermediate level then I’m not sure I’m looking forward to the next!
This exercise is a little contagious too as my friend now wants to start Personal Training with Stuart.
She has seen me going regardless of the summer holidays – as it is booked there’s no excuses and also she has witnessed my joy at what I achieve in one hour with Ideal Fitness.
Roll on next week – I even made sure I stuck to the salads on holiday and stayed away from the carbohydrates! Remember no pain, no gain!
For more information visit www.1dealfitness.co.uk.