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Introducing Instagram's grid pinning feature
09 Jun 2022
by Sophie Coombs

Instagram has announced users can pin posts to the top of their profile grids, meaning current and potential followers will see up to three pinned posts before anything else.

So… should you be getting involved? Here’s what Sophie thinks!

Yay - make the most important posts the most visible!

Instagram’s mission statement is “to capture and share the world’s moments”, and pinning posts certainly allows users to do just that!

Being able to pin a maximum of three posts to your profile means anyone visiting your Insta page has no choice but to see what you want them to see first. 

That might be your team, your best-selling products, FAQs or simply your top-performing posts… whatever you choose to pin to your Instagram grid!

Having these posts front and centre means they’ll immediately have profile visitors’ attention, rather than hoping they scroll down far enough to find the original posts. 

Considering Instagram still doesn’t allow links to work in grid captions (will it ever?), your pinned posts being so close to the precious link in bio will hopefully have a positive impact on your link clicks. 

Even if people aren’t heading straight for your website after seeing your pinned grid posts, having important content front-and-centre will certainly pique their interest.

Psst… if you’re wondering whether to pin posts on your personal or creator account, it’s a big yes from me! I love looking at my story highlights and seeing my favourite moments, so I’ll definitely be pinning my three favourite grid posts, too!

Nay - is this what Instagram’s all about?

Part of me thinks this is an amazing idea for businesses, creators and personal users (as you can see above!), while the other part of me is thinking… do we really need this feature?

Firstly, aren’t story highlights already pinning your favourite moments, key information, team members, products, FAQs [insert endless list here] to the very top of your profile already? 

I think so, and I think they’re a blinking great feature. Do we need to improve on perfection?

Earlier I also mentioned how great it would be for businesses to pin their key content to their grid. While this is a great option, shouldn’t they be sharing relevant and important content regularly anyway? If that’s the case, the need for grid pinning isn’t really necessary.

A confusing aspect of the feature is any new posts you share will push your pinned posts to the right, meaning they’re no longer the first posts visitors see… you’ll need to keep re-pinning them to keep them at the top! We’re sure this feature’s a work in progress and your pinned posts will stay front and centre on your grid.

Do what’s best for you

I could go on forever weighing up the pros and cons of pinning posts to your Instagram grid, but the reality is it will depend on you whether it’s a good idea or not.

Take our client, Jesmonite, for example. Jesmonite’s Instagram is completely made up of user-generated content from creatives who’ve made incredible products using its materials. There’s no way we’d pin certain posts over others unless Jesmonite itself had a big update it wanted everyone to see… like when it won a Queen’s Award!

On the other hand, our client Chrisbeon’s Instagram is used to promote the products it sells and the offices its team has fitted all over the country. We may want to use the grid pinning feature here to showcase amazing offices, discounts, or the most successful posts. 

As I say, it totally depends! The good thing is it’s a reversible action, so no need to panic if you have regrets.

How to pin a post to your Instagram grid

It’s, quite literally, as easy as 1,2,3…

1. Choose the post you’d like to pin on your Insta profile
2. Click the three dots at the top of the post
3. Select ‘Pin to Your Profile’

And voila! 

FYI - you can do this with any content on your grid (reels included!), just follow those steps. 

Instagram grid pinning

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