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"I have loved meeting everyone in the team and hearing of their incredible experiences..." Work experience continues
15 Sep 2023

Every academic year, we welcome students from Shropshire and surrounding areas to spend some time with the team at J&PR for their all important work experience. In July, student Alex Higginson was one of them!

We spoke with Alex during her week with us about her time at J&PR - here’s what she had to say… 

Tell us a bit about yourself!

quotation marksI’m Alex, I am currently 15, soon to be 16, which is quite a scary feeling, and I am currently a Year 10 student at Shrewsbury Academy

"I am currently living in Shrewsbury with my younger sister, Amber, and my parents. I sadly do not have any pets as my dad won’t allow me to have any, but if he were to allow it a kitten would be at the top of my list."

Why did you decide J&PR was the place for your work experience?

"I chose to complete my work experience at J&PR as it was the top place my mum suggested to me. I asked her to help find me places that would help me not only develop my people skills but also my design and marketing skills. She couldn't have selected any place better! 

"At first, I was unsure because I was unfamiliar with them, however once I did some browsing of their website, my curiosity grew. J&PR seemed like a place which would help me develop my skills needed for the future, and that is exactly what they did."

What’s next for you?

"Next year I will be in Year 11 which is quite intimidating, because not only will I be the oldest in my school, I will also be completing my GCSEs. Along with my exams, I will also be completing my Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award.

"As of right now, I am unsure what I wish to do after I finish school but I currently have interests in fashion and photography. I am hoping to go to college and potentially university regarding those subjects. I am passionate about these subjects as they allow me to design things freely without having set tasks with strict deadlines. 

"I am also a massive fan of travelling, yet currently I am unaware of how I will include that in my education."

How have you been finding J&PR so far?

"So far, I am enjoying this new experience as it is helping me with my confidence when it comes to speaking to new people. I have loved meeting everyone in the team and hearing of their incredible experiences with not only J&PR but with their past/current adventures as well. It is, in my opinion, incredibly rewarding having people working around you that house much more experience than you, as it gives you the freedom to ask questions and learn more.quotation marks

We all wish Alex the best of luck in her future education and career.