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Hundreds graduate from Telford nurseries ready for move to “big school”.
25 Jul 2016
by Kirsty Smallman

Hundreds of children have graduated from four of Telford’s top nurseries as they get ready to start ‘big school’ in September.

Graduation ceremonies were held at all four ABC Day Nursery sites in the borough to celebrate the successes and achievements of the pre-schoolers.

Parents were invited to watch the children, as they each dressed in a ‘cap and gown’ and were presented with certificates.

Penny Hustwick, owner of ABC Day Nursery, which has outstanding rated sites in Lightmoor, Hadley, Hollinswood and Preston on the Weald Moors, said: “The children have worked hard all year to prepare themselves for “big school” and this final celebration is a fantastic way to reward them for that.

“Of course we know many will be with us over the summer as parents continue to work but the graduation day is still one of the most memorable for all.

“Many parents shed a tear and of course the staff are often blubbering wrecks! We are so proud of all the children, who have often been with us since they were just a few months old.

“We have seen them learn to crawl, walk, feed themselves, make their first crayon marks, make new friends and grow and progress from baby room to pre-school.

“At ABC we have seen each unique personality develop and now we have to say goodbye to them. The ceremony is just a way to mark that transition period for the youngsters.”

For more information about ABC Day Nursery, contact (01952) 245257 or visit the website www.abc-daynursery.co.uk.

Children graduating from ABC Lightmoor

Children graduating from ABC Lightmoor