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How much exercise does your office do?
23 Jul 2015
by Dani Wozencroft

Do you ever have those conversations in the office when someone says how much exercise they do and it turns into a bit of a motivational session where you all agree to do/you should do more exercise?

Or even worse – when someone suggests you should all do some sort of exercise together as a group?

Well, that happened at J&PR. And I mean the latter one.

We’ve signed up to the Workplace Challenge, it’s not strictly everyone doing exercise together. It’s actually everyone logging how much exercise they do individually and having a competition about who does the most. And in our office there’s even a prize!

What with the MacMillan Coracle Race in September and now this challenge, it’s turning out to be quite the year of exercise for us.

The challenge is simple, you sign up and create an area for your work place so you can all see each other’s information. Then you log what you do – it can be anything from going to the gym (two categories, cardio and weights), walking, boxing, canoeing, ice hockey, skateboarding…. the list goes on.

There will be plenty logging of ‘running after the children’ (if that’s an option) in our office.

You’re given points per each activity you log and the one with the most points at the end wins…… easy.

It just depends on how competitive everyone is and how dedicated they are to logging the exercise they do.  We’ve had less than a week and already the competition is hotting up.

We’ve done exercise together before, like the Race for Life 5k run at the Shropshire County Showground, and everyone was quite determined then.

I think it could be a pretty tight race at J&PR as most people have some sort of event they are already training for so they are doing regular exercise anyway. But can they push themselves that little bit more to make sure they win?

For us the competition runs until December and the prize is being given out at the Christmas party. What better way to celebrate!

It’s run by the County Sports Partnership Network. Find out more here: https://www.workplacechallenge.org.uk/.