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How can training benefit your business?
05 Jan 2023
by Sophie Coombs

You wouldn’t run a marathon without months of training.

You wouldn’t swim the channel without getting into the pool once, twice, or a hundred times! 

So why do so many think they can master their marketing without the much-needed skills, knowledge and experience?

Do it yourself

Many businesses from across Shropshire, Mid and North Wales, Cheshire, the West Midlands and Scotland too have come to us for our PR, content creation and social media training sessions because they want to keep their marketing and communications in-house, and we love it! We’ve even been known to host training sessions for a Canadian kitchen designer!

We get to train new recruits, experienced marketers wanting to polish up on their knowledge, and everything in between - including people whose roles are nothing to do with communication and they’ve been handed their company’s PR as an ‘extra’! We hear so often that their boss thinks it is a “10 minute job”.

Whatever we train people on, we do it day in, day out, meaning we’re clued up on the current communication best practices and know how your business can improve itself. Being able to sit with someone for a few hours and transform their knowledge and skills about a certain topic sometimes makes us feel like we have magic powers!

It’s not always practical knowledge…

We cover a lot in our training sessions - blogs, press releases, social media, advertising, website copy, the list goes on - but it’s not always the practical knowledge that makes the biggest difference.

It’s the motivation and confidence!

Employees sometimes come to us feeling a little lost about what we’re covering, and to see them transform into motivated marketers by the end of a session is always wonderful. 

The benefits

So we’ve talked the talk, but how do we make sure YOU can walk the walk? 

Leaving a session with fresh ideas, more knowledge, and new skills results in a new lease of life for your team members. What comes from that? Better content… leading to more business!

Flexibility is a benefit for many businesses who come to us for training, too. Many prefer to use us for training rather than become retained clients as they can book a session with us to suit their diaries and can book whenever they need, or want, to brainstorm some ideas with us. 

Our training is completely tailored to your business and its needs. That means we can be flexible with what we cover in a session. Whether you’re ripping your hair out about Facebook ads, you don’t have time to shout about your successes on LinkedIn or you don’t know where to start with writing a press release, your training with us will be focused on that topic and your business.

Don’t just take out word for it!

Here’s what a few of our previous trainees have said about working with us…

"I have just spent two hours on Zoom, feeling like it was 5 minutes as I was so absorbed in Kirsty's knowledge and expertise, teaching me, and helping me start social media blogs, and explaining the "jargon" that has bemused me for so long.  

"I feel I have been given an expert "jump-start" in my business, finding content I didn't realise I knew. Writer's block is a thing of the past for me now.  Thank you Kirsty Smallman, and J&PR!"

- Madeleys First Aid Plus

“Today I had the honour of getting LinkedIn training by Sophie, all I can say is WOW - definitely opened my eyes up to how I should be doing things with UK News Group - thank you so much for giving up your time today - loved it. If you're looking to learn more about LinkedIn, this is the girl to go to!”

- Olly Attfield-Tomes, UK News Group

“Kirsty and her team delivered a fantastic course on LinkedIn for business. It was easy to follow, full of top tips, inside knowledge and sound advice for improving our LinkedIn profiles. Highly recommended.”

- Shropshire Petals

“A fantastic way to spend a Thursday morning in the company of Kirsty, Sophie and Freya, going over the powers of Instagram.

“Even though I use social media in my personal life, I found it beneficial from a business viewpoint.

“I would highly recommend J&PR's training sessions, regardless of your level of knowledge and understanding, if nothing else to keep up to date with the changes in algorithms.”

- Amanda Davidson, Serchem Ltd

So, how can we help?

We have businesses who schedule training sessions with us quarterly for refreshers, while others book in with us every time they take on a new recruit!

Our one-to-one Two-Hour Takeover training sessions are just £249 + VAT (plus £50 + VAT per person thereafter) so get booked in today! Or maybe you need a bespoke training session for your sales and marketing team - we can do that too!

However we can help you and your business, we would love the chance to. To find out more, please email us at info@jandpr.com or give us a good old fashioned call on 01952 951264 and we’ll have a chat about how we can help you.