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Graduates should think Shropshire before heading for the bright lights!
07 Apr 2014
by Rebecca Dutton

From Wellmeadow Consulting

Shropshire is a wonderful place to live and work and there are some great businesses based here doing lots of great innovative things.

So why is it so hard to attract graduates?

We have many aspiring youngsters here in Shropshire who are getting a fantastic education at one of the county’s many excellent schools.

But soon they will leave for university and more often than not they won’t come back. Not to work anyway.

They get lured by the bright lights of London or other major cities like Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh.

But here at Wellmeadow Consulting we are looking to change that way of thinking.

We believe that Shropshire offers an unrivalled work life balance for graduates starting out in the world of work with its abundance of outdoor activities to stay fit and healthy, superb pubs and restaurants for dining, eclectic mix of retail for shopping and a thriving businesses sector.

We want to encourage students to come back to Shropshire once graduating from university and we want them to consider working for us.

That’s why we have decided to provide sponsorship for one Shrewsbury Sixth Form College student who is going off to university later this year.

We will give the successful candidate £500 towards the cost of their studies and will be offering the opportunity of a paid internship during the holidays at our Shrewsbury office.

We have a short-list of nine students who are in the running for the sponsorship and on Wednesday (April 9th) they will be putting their skills to the test at an assessment centre run by our management team in the college’s Victoria building.

Each candidate will undergo an interview and participate in team exercises during which we will be able to judge the students’ skills and abilities before choosing the lucky winner.

We are very excited and hope the students are too. This is a fantastic opportunity for them and will give them a great insight into the business world.

Wellmeadow Consulting work with small and medium sized businesses throughout the West Midlands providing advice and consulting services on a range of business matters including board support, strategy development, marketing, recruitment and a wide range of other business services.

We help fill in the gaps for businesses where they lack expertise and provide businesses with extra horsepower to strengthen their capabilities and get things done.

The student who wins our sponsorship will have the opportunity to gain invaluable work experience here with us across a range of projects and business sectors.

And all we are asking in return is that when they graduate they consider a career with us here at Wellmeadow in Shropshire before heading for the big bright lights!

For further details on the business services offered by Wellmeadow visit http://www.wellmeadow.co.uk or contact the team on 01743 234031.