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Are you on Google My Business yet?
19 Nov 2021
by Sophie Coombs

If there’s one thing we repeatedly say to clients at J&PR, it’s that you don’t need to be on every single social media platform. It’s true, you don’t; you should select the platforms where your audience will be and where you can also reach new customers/clients. 

It’s rare that every business should be on one social platform… but that’s where Google My Business joins the party with its big spanner to throw in the works!

What is Google My Business?

When you Google something and a business pops up on the right-hand side of the Google page... that is Google My Business!

Google My Business allows your company to be easily found on Google, to update its contact and location information, to post updates just like other social platforms, and see fantastic results! How many “Covid-19 Updates” have you seen on Google My Business over the last 18 months?

We have a number of clients who have decided to actively use Google My Business this year, as well as us at J&PR, and the results have been astronomical. We receive monthly reports, as well as statistics for individual posts, and the numbers are growing monthly.

Take our client Jesmonite for example, which had 400% more calls through Google My Business in September than in August of this year. It also had 10,800 people find the business through Google My Business in September.

Or we could look at our client Chrisbeon… it received over 28,000 Google My Business views between May and September of 2021 and over 14,000 views that were triggered by a keyword search.

Pretty phenomenal numbers, right?

Not only are the statistics fantastic, but Google My Business is actively getting our clients new custom (which is what we all want!) - we’ve seen more website visitors, more requests for directions, and more calls to the offices each month.

Does my business need to be on it?

In short, yes. 

There are always exclusions when it comes to social platforms, so your business may not completely need to be on Google My Business. With that said, we’re struggling to think of a reason why you shouldn’t be!

Google My Business is fantastic for visibility - Your business coming up on Google? Yes please! - but it may not always reel in such phenomenal numbers as our clients have had. If you find this to be the case, we’d recommend you keep your Google My Business up to date, but maybe don’t dedicate all of your time to the platform.

How can I get set up on there?

Getting up and running on Google My Business is relatively straightforward.

Initially, you’ll have to put in your company details and then a postcard will be sent to your company address so you can confirm you are who you say you are. After that, you’re away!

If you have more than one office location or store, you’ll have to get a postcard sent out to each address to confirm.

We recommend that you complete your Google My Business profile as thoroughly as possible and update it at least once a week with a new post filled with those keywords we love so much!

Can J&PR help me?

If there’s one thing we can do at J&PR, it’s social media management - including Google My Business.

Not only do we write brilliant content spilling with key terms, we keep on top of algorithms and social trends so your social content will always be optimised for the beloved platform algorithms.

We can manage your Google My Business page completely if that suits you better, so you can sit back and reap the rewards of having a fantastic platform managed brilliantly, or we can sit with you for a one-to-one Two-hour Takeover and we can show you how to get the most out of Google My Business… either way, you’ll be reaping the benefits of using a great platform!

If we can help in any way, email Kirsty at kirsty@jandpr.com and let’s have a chat.