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Golden chance at Jump In Shrewsbury
14 Nov 2018
by Rebecca Dutton

The countdown is on for a golden opportunity to win your own Shropshire trampoline park for free.

Anyone who attends Jump In Shrewsbury before the end of the month will have the chance to take part with one lucky winner getting the park to themselves, their friends and family – up to 100 people – in the New Year.

Sammy Burgess, site manager of Jump In Shrewsbury, said: “If I was a child this would be my dream present – the chance to take over a trampoline park with all of my friends! 

“This is a tremendous prize and it’s all about the magical golden ticket we are giving out to our customers until November 30. 

“Customers will get a golden ticket every time they jump at Jump In this month and all those tickets will be entered into a grand draw on December 1 with one winner taking the big prize.

“The winner will be given exclusive use of the park between 4-8pm on any Sunday during January. The offer means the winner can bring along up to 100 jumpers of any age for free. 

“Jump In will be providing the staff to make sure you have a great day and everything goes off without a hitch.

“There will be a buffet meal and drinks provided as well – it really is the complete day out, just about the most fun you can get anywhere and it’s not going to cost you anything.

“The golden ticket is a great idea and a wonderful way to say thank you to people who come along and make jumping their activity of choice.

“The park is immensely popular with jumpers of all ages and we anticipate giving out lots of golden tickets over the next few weeks.

“If you’ve not been jumping, now would be a great time to start. You may think it’s for the young and while it’s true that most of our customers are the younger generation, we are seeing jumpers of all ages coming along and having a go – it’s great fun and a pretty good way of keeping fit.

“All of our Jump In parks will be taking part in the golden ticket scheme with one winner to be announced at each venue. So if you happen to be visiting Aberdeen, Camberley, Edinburgh, Elstree, Enfield, Slough, Tonbridge or Warwick over the next couple of weeks, get yourself along to the local Jump In trampoline park and try your luck.

“Remember to hang on to all your golden tickets and keep them safe as you will need the winning ticket when you claim your prize.”

For more about Jump In Shrewsbury, or the golden ticket offer, visit http://www.gojumpin.com/locations/shrewsbury