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Give a hug for Valentines…
11 Feb 2013
by Rhea Alton

There are plenty of people who believe Valentines is another commercial day forcing people to spend money when there is no need.

But I am of the opinion that Valentines is what you make it.

For me it is one day of the year when my husband and I reminisce about the fun and romantic things we did on February 14th pre-children and spend an evening with each other having a meal, watching a film and generally remembering why we chose to be together.

Sounds soppy I know but our birthdays and Christmas are about celebrating with our little boy and our wedding anniversary on December 5th seems to get lost amid the run up to Christmas and the festive parties and work celebrations – so we have Valentines Day.

So, you say, with all this love and romance there is no need for material gifts…….unfortunately there is always room for presents in my life so we do those too.

The Valentines presents usually take two themes 1) comedy or 2) meaningful. I have had a heart biscuit and a homemade card, a rose brooch and a big card and even just a sloppy kiss. Anything weird and wonderful, out of the ordinary, edible or just plain romantic goes down well in our house.

Which is one of the reasons I fell in love with the name of a garment handmade by local Shropshire business Turtle Doves – the Hug.

Being bought a Hug for Valentines which will last for years and just so happens to be a gorgeous, warm and fashionable wrap, is a cracker!

I would like to say I received one for Valentines but I spotted these beauties in August and I wasn’t going to wait six months so my Hug, created in my favourite colours, arrived at Christmas courtesy of my lovely mother-in-law.

I love it, and all of the lucky ladies I know with a Hug love it too, so I thought it was time to spread the word and maybe give the men who have a (little spoilt) lady like me in their life an idea of an unusual Valentines present to give this year……..