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Getting your name into the digital world
08 May 2013
by Rebecca Dutton

jandpr-avatarFacebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogster, Instagram, Flickr, LinkedIn, MySpace, Mailchimp, YouTube, Google Plus…the list of social media networking sites is almost endless.
And if you’re not making use of them for your business PR, you are missing out on an invaluable tool to market your product to old and new customers alike.
The digital world is also essential for keeping your current customers up to date with what you are up to.
Writing a blog and an e-newsletter is an easy and fun way to inform your clients about what you’re doing. Most importantly, it’s free and once you get the hang of it should not require too much of your time…
Our team at J&PR is running a new Digital DIY PR course, aimed at helping businesses make the most of the digital world with a Digital PR Campaign.
There are a number of questions you need to ask yourself. What do you want the outcome of your digital PR campaign to be? Are you looking to keep your customers loyal to you as a company? Would you like to get your current customers trying and buying new products? Are you looking for new customers?
Businesses often focus on finding new customers but there can be more success in keeping current customers happy and encouraging them to spend more with you.
The widely accepted rule of thumb is that new customers cost about seven times more than retaining and expanding your sales to existing customers. And current customers can often be transformed into customer advocates who will attract new customers for you. Customer loyalty is a powerful asset.
Social media and digital PR are often used in this instance – with one of the most popular tools being the e-newsletter.
An e-newsletter gives you the chance to contact your current clients on a regular basis, let them know what you are up to, what the company is achieving, new products and offers and general information and advice.
When mixed with social media, an e-newsletter can also attract new clients so it is a good tool to meet both objectives.
Social Media is available 24/7 but you need to be able to make the most of it. The key word is social- make sure you are interacting with clients through networking sites.
A blog is another useful tool allowing you to leave commentary on a particular subject or news items. They can be more relaxed than a press release and offer a lighter side to your company.
These are only a few of the social media tools available but it’s worth knowing as much about them as possible.
Get to know how your customers want to converse with you and keep interacting with them.
Our Digital DIY PR training course will run a number of times throughout the year and details of our upcoming courses are below.
For more information, contact our training co-ordinator Jane Shaw on training@jandpr.com or 07967 191243 with your preferred date and company details and she will get in touch.
All of our one-day courses run from 10am to 4pm, are £120.00 per person and include tea, coffee and lunch.

Course dates:

Date: June 20th, 2013
Venue: Craven Arms Community Centre

Date: July 24th, 2013
Venue: Longbow House, Shrewsbury

Date: September 25th, 2013
Venue: Longbow House, Shrewsbury

Date: October 9th, 2013
Venue: Maple House, Telford

Date: November 20th, 2013 (Christmas special!!)
Venue: Longbow House, Shrewsbury

J&PR are a Shropshire PR agency covering Shrewsbury, Telford, north Shropshire, south Shropshire and parts of Mid and North Wales. As well as working with businesses, organisations and events across the region on PR campaigns J&PR run regular DIY PR Training Courses and DIY Digital PR Training Courses at venues in the county.