What's happening?

Geoff Norcott at Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury
17 Apr 2020
by Kirsty Smallman


In March we wrote about comedian Geoff Norcott visiting Shrewsbury for his Taking Liberties tour. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has caused a number of cancellations and rearrangements of plans, including Geoff’s performance which was due to be on March 25th. 

But the team at Theatre Severn has been working hard to reschedule all of your favourite shows to ensure you can still have a great experience when it is safe to do so – and we think we will all need it!

Geoff will now be coming to Shrewsbury on September 26th, 2020, at 8pm.

We’re sure you are dreaming of all you can do once normality resumes, so why not book your ticket now?


Live at the Apollo

Geoff has appeared on Live at the Apollo and Mock the Week and has written for late-night favourites such as Have I Got News for You, Roast Battle, 8 Out Of 10 Cats and Judge Romesh

He also has a Radio 4 special, Right Leaning but Well Meaning, and a trail of Edinburgh Fringe performances behind him such as Conservative, The Look of Moron and Traditionalism.

You may have also seen Geoff on your screens in his critically acclaimed documentary How the Middle Class Ruined Britain.


Taking Liberties

But it is his show Taking Liberties that will be heading to Shrewsbury in September.

Before the Coronavirus outbreak, Geoff spoke about the privilege of touring the nation, saying: “You turn up at a place and you have 500 people there to watch you: that’s a privilege, I always try to remember that.” 

Speaking about Taking Liberties, he said: “At its heart, the show is about being told what to do and being told off, and I think a lot of people hate that. 

“It’s not a right-left thing, but that guides a lot of my political views; we all like to imagine our politics to be a pure dissertation of the world around us, whereas I’ve started thinking that it’s more about emotional reactions to things. So now, whether it’s people telling you what words to use, food to eat or where you can fly, I just don’t like being told what to do.”

Tickets to the show cost £15 and you can book here