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From crutches to crunches…
23 Jun 2015
by Kirsty Smallman

For those of you who know me you will understand how six weeks on crutches nearly killed me! No running up the street to collect the children from school, no driving, relying on others to take me everywhere and no “proper fitness”.
Okay so I did my physio exercises but that wasn’t enough for me… indoor rowing, exercise bikes, cross trainers and crunches are more my game!
So the week I gladly handed back the crutches to the physio was the week I embarked on my journey from crutches to pre-wedding fitness. No rest for the wicked and all that!
Yes before my wedding day I had enjoyed several months with a personal trainer and was indoor rowing five nights a week! I was fit and I loved it!
So the man I handed responsibility to to get me back to that place was Stuart Henderson of Ideal Fitness on Stafford Park. Regardless of the pain he would put me through I knew he had endured so much more during his journey from a broken back to a full time career in personal training.
So the first session was Friday and little did I know that picking up a glass of Prosecco at my friend’s wedding two days later would be such a painful task! But at least the aching muscles took my mind off my operated knee and it certainly reminded me how hard I’d worked and hard work pays off right?
So what did I do in a one hour session with Stuart?
Military marching, squats, reverse lunges, crunches (much better ones than I’ve attempted before!) and some amazing stretching with Stuart which allowed me to achieve what I should have been doing over the last six weeks but I haven’t been brave enough.
It’s important to know the operated knee was at the centre of everything he asked me to do – yes he was building my strength and helping me on the road to recovery but he didn’t let me run before I could walk so to speak!
It is for that reason I turned to Ideal Fitness because I feared I could do more damage in my first crutch-free week than I have done in 33 years so I needed someone to remind me of the micro fracture surgery I’d had done.
In his studio our focus was on the fit ball, the mat and the wall – and boy did he work me. When I felt I could do no more – Stuart’s “just three more” made me continue.
And that’s the difference for me – the little voice in the room encouraging me to carry on when my legs felt like jelly and when my arms felt like they wouldn’t work ever again but also the expert advice (I discovered I’ve been doing my squats wrong for years – no wonder I’ve got knee problems!) regarding both exercise and nutrition.
So how did I feel after my first PT session – amazing! I cannot wait for week 2 and of course to reach my pre-wedding fitness and weight goal by Christmas.
For more information on Ideal Fitness visit http://www.1dealfitness.co.uk/