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It's Freya's first work anniversary!
04 Feb 2022
by Freya Morris

Our amazing Digital Assistant, Freya, joined us one year ago! What started as remote work in the height of lockdown 3 has blossomed into laughter in the office and plenty of professional progress! 

We chat to Freya about her time so far at J&PR here...

I first met Team J&PR in the winter of 2019 when I was taken on for a week of work experience. Little did I know that one pandemic and a postponed graduation later, I’d receive an email from Kirsty asking me to join the digital team as Digital Assistant.

Fast forward one year, the fact that you’re reading this - my J&PR anniversary blog - should make my response fairly obvious.

How long have you been at J&PR?

I’ve officially been at J&PR for one year and, after 365 days spent as a member of Team J&PR, I think I can say that I’ve finally cracked everyone’s tea and coffee preferences!

I first started my role on a part-time basis, with the remainder of my working week spent working on reception at a dental practice in Oswestry. After six months spent straddling both jobs, my digital role made the transition to full time. 

Whilst I can’t deny I miss discussing incisors and dental implants all day, my brain is definitely more suited to the world of digital communications.

What’s the best part of your role?

I feel incredibly lucky that my role is so varied. One day can be spent doing interviews for a case study and the next I can be designing the imagery for a client's socials. No two days are the same and I love that.

One of the other parts of my role that I love is how flexible it is. Having the ability to alter my working hours or work from home whenever life requires is great for both my productivity and my mental wellbeing

What’s your favourite memory of your time at J&PR?

One of the best days with J&PR was definitely when we moved into our new office in Wellington. After eight months of working from home, I’ve absolutely loved getting to know the people I used to talk to behind a computer screen. Now, my day consists of listening to Si’s Spotify playlists, laughing at Tony’s witty banter and remaining in constant awe of Sophie’s social media communications prowess. What’s not to love?

I also love taking time out of my month to reflect on my monthly highlights - both professionally and personally. When life gets a bit too much it’s far too easy to let the negatives overshadow everything else, which is why I’m so grateful to receive a monthly email from Sophie asking for my highlights.

In your opinion, who makes the best cuppa?

The best tea-maker has to be Becci! Although she’s only made a few, they’re definitely spot on.

What are you most looking forward to doing in your next year at J&PR?

As I finished university in the middle of a pandemic I missed out on my opportunity to walk across the graduation stage to collect my diploma, therefore I’m really excited to finally be having my 2020 graduation later this year - only two years late!

I’m also looking forward to making the most of learning from those I work with, with everyone coming from a range of working backgrounds! 

We love having Freya as part of our team, and can't wait to see what the next year has in store!