Having active social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter means that at any stage your customers can get in touch with you. This is now the go to method of communication, and soon the contact form could become obsolete. People are comfortable contacting via social media as its what they’re used to, and more often than not they use it as the preferred method of communication with friends and family. If your ideal target audience is between 25-35 then this could be a great way to build that close relationship.


Customers who have a good experience with your business will tell others, and now that everyone is connected socially it makes their job far easier. On Facebook for example, people are able to tag your business page into their posts, meaning that everyone else will see it and be able to click on your page. Of course it can work both ways, and negative reviews will always get just as much traction. However, being connected via social media means that you’ll be able to respond quickly.