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Fit ball in my face, verbal abuse to the personal trainer… we’ve reached a new level!
09 Jul 2015
by Kirsty Smallman

If you’ve read the first two blogs in my journey with personal trainer Stuart Henderson of Ideal Fitness in Telford you will notice they’ve been rather polite!
Well that stops here! Week three saw Stuart push me to a new level and I discovered muscles in places I never knew I had them!
Look at the photo – that was how it was meant to be done! It wasn’t quite how I did it but give me a few more weeks and I am determined to do it! Core, core, core!
At one point as I grunted (yes grunted!), laughed and cried my way through the workout, I felt the need to ask Stuart if anybody ever verbally abused him during PT!
His answer “yes often!”
So what did we do? I won’t run you through the whole work out because words cannot do it justice.
If I say I had to place a fit ball between my ankles and squeeze as hard as I could, I know you will be thinking “that sounds easy” and it wasn’t so I won’t be describing any more!
But what this one hour of PT a week is doing is allowing me to get back to how I love to be – fit, happy, healthy and bouncing like a bunny!
With the repetition of the fitness routine at home on two more occasions before seeing Stuart again and following his nutritional advice I am starting to find my core strength again, enjoy putting my clothes on – although I know my real clothes size target is a little way off yet – and have a desire to do exercise again.
This is all something a micro-fracture of the knee and six weeks on crutches had taken away from me!
I love the fact I can run through the whole PT fitness plan whilst watching my children play in the garden.
I do love the gym environment but not during the current heat so working out within my own home with all of the equipment I have already got (well I improvised a little and the boys’ beach ball came in handy!) has been perfect.
Roll on Friday for week four!
To find out how Stuart can help you visit http://www.1dealfitness.co.uk/